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The Need for Speed; In an On-Demand World How Can You Respond Faster?

In an on-demand, online world, responding to customer’s needs both quickly and efficiently is essential, and for many, this means identifying new business models and innovative applications to succeed.

Technology upgrades for new payment options and tracking inventory are just two examples of deployments needed to ensure the highest level of customer engagement and satisfaction within B2B retailers.

This means, your systems must cater for different channels. Combine this with customer wants, needs and demands that continue to alter at an ever-fiercer pace, and you have a real challenge on your hands.

The key is not to despair, but to learn from it. This means, as a business, ensuring you have the agility required to cope with such a fast-paced reality, and having the relevant business models and applications in place to assist.

How to Respond Quickly to Customer Demands

According to the CMO Council, the most important attribute of good customer service, based on the customers’ own feedback, is a fast response time. So how do you ensure you have the right infrastructure to support this? Here we explain in more detail…

Automate your Back Office

Automating the manual, repeat processes in the back office, frees-up staff time to focus on serving customers and growth. A workflow automation tool such as Vardells Retail Connect, will help with this by enabling you to automatically fulfil and invoice orders and is designed to save you time and improve accuracy.

You can even set recurring tasks to run automatically to further streamline processes and productivity, freeing-up more time to be spent on serving customers, selling more and growing your eCommerce business with efficiency.

Gain Robust Stock Control

Robust stock control is important to reduce and improve cashflow and maximise sales, from goods in, to branch sales, to customer returns. Therefore, an integrated real-time view of your entire inventory, across all your channels, your warehouse, even goods in-transit is essential to avoid mistakes.

Have the Agility to Ship Products Faster

Sophisticated stock control and real-time data so you can improve forecasting and buying decisions can be aided with an RMS, providing a live view of sales and stock, and allowing intelligent stock replenishment to occur.

Increase and decrease in demand pose a common productivity problem for retailers, which is where predicting likely demand can greatly assist. Forecasting can help to ensure you are ready-prepared.

Ensure A Fast Order Process & Delivery

With customer demands for speed and flexibility in delivery options, it’s essential that you process orders quickly and efficiently. Workflow automation routes orders to the relevant warehouse can help to reduce shipping delays, and ensure your customers aren’t waiting too long for delivery.

Provide Fast & Easy Returns

A slick returns process integrated with your payment provider and back office system ensures customers have a positive shopping experience. You can instantly simplify your returns and exchange process with the use of intuitive POS and integrated warehouse management.

Looking for a Retail Solution that Supports On-Demand?

Seeing constant experimentation and new ways of doing things in retail from logistics and managing your stock levels to simplifying in-store transactions and offering rapid returns, requires a suitable retail solution to support it.

To get on-board this whirlwind of change and make it your business to understand the changes in order to capitalise upon them, you’ll need to implement tools and applications that enable efficiency at speed.

Vardells Retail Connect retail management solution has been built to provide flexibility, accuracy and speed at every stage of the retail cycle. It’s intuitive, customisable and easy to use with simple to access menus and frequently used functions that help increase productivity and speed.

For more information about Retail Connect and how it can help you to gain speed in your operations, please get in touch.

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