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5 Reasons To Integrate An E-Commerce Platform With Your WMS

In previous blogs, we’ve highlighted the importance of implementing a successful warehouse management system (WMS). With the right system in place – such as our own Warehouse Connect – you can streamline your operations and save yourself time, money and manpower. However, as more businesses move online, there’s a growing need to align day-to-day operations with virtual sales.

In this article, we’ll learn a little more about warehouse management system integration, and outline five reasons why adopting an e-commerce platform is vital for your business.

What is e-commerce integration?

So what exactly is e-commerce integration? Put simply, it’s the process of linking your existing back-end system, such as your WMS, ERP or CRM, with your online sales, whether that’s through your own website or via sites such as eBay, Amazon or Shopify.

By integrating an e-commerce platform with your WMS, you’ll be able to synchronise your operations, improving efficiency and productivity, enhancing the customer experience and increasing your bottom line.

What are the benefits of implementing an e-commerce platform?

The recent pandemic has only increased the proliferation of online retailers, with many businesses ditching their traditional brick-and-mortar stores simply to stay afloat. To remain relevant in such a saturated marketplace you need to work smart.

By integrating your e-commerce with your existing WMS, you’ll be able to centralise business processes across your entire organisation, from purchasing to point of sale.

You’ll save on manpower, reduce admin, eradicate costly inventory errors and provide a better service to your customers.

Five reasons to integrate an e-commerce platform into your existing Warehouse Management System

So let’s drill down into specifics. As promised, here are five reasons why an integrated e-commerce platform is essential to the ongoing success of your business:

  1. Accurate data – By syncing your existing system with an effective e-commerce tool, you can be confident that all your data is accurate and up to date. Things like inventory numbers, orders and product details will be updated automatically across multiple platforms, enabling you to make informed buying decisions and manage stock levels accordingly.
  2. Greater oversight – With sophisticated analytics and real-time dashboards, you’ll get an overview of how your business is performing in key areas. With a WMS platform like Warehouse Connect, you’ll be able to identify and correct negative trends, measure efficiencies, generate detailed reports and align your business goals.
  3. Better order management – Managing orders across multiple platforms can sometimes be tricky. By integrating e-commerce software into your warehouse management system, you’ll never mishandle a customer’s order again. By coordinating your systems and procedures, you’ll be able to carry out a range of order-related operations from a single, centralised point, accepting, rejecting, shipping or deleting orders at the touch of a button. You’ll also be able to track your orders in real-time, from point of sale to the moment they arrive on the doorstep.
  4. Faster processing – By implementing an integrated e-commerce tool, you’ll be able to upload the products in your warehouse to the online marketplace quickly and easily. In just a few simple steps, you can add hundreds of items to sites like Amazon and eBay, saving you valuable time and resources. You’ll also find it much easier to update product descriptions and make pricing changes, with a raft of tools available to synthesise everyday operations.
  5. Increased sales – With the right e-commerce integrations, you’ll be able to grow your brand and enter more online marketplaces. With each additional sales channel, you’ll increase brand awareness and expand your customer base. All without compromising operational efficiency.

Get the best e-commerce platform for your business

As you can see, by integrating an effective e-commerce platform into your existing WMS, you can dramatically improve your day-to-day business processes. You’ll become more efficient, enjoy greater cost savings and crucially, grow your brand, improve sales and increase your profit margins. But with so many options out there, how do you know which e-commerce platform is right for you?

At Vardells, we’re experts in warehouse management systems and e-commerce integration. You can choose from a number of different options to best suit your industry and your business model.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and speak to one of our resident experts.

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