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How EPOS Systems Can Improve Employee Management

Keeping on top of your employee reviews, training, incentives and day-to-day communications can be hard work, particularly when you have so many other tasks to juggle. It can also cost you extensively in time and money. Yet, these processes are essential to the efficient running of your business and cannot be overlooked or ignored.

No-one said running a business was easy, but there are ways to simplify your working day. An EPOS System such as Vardells EPOS Connect for instance is designed to help manage your team more efficiently, while also giving your staff the provisions and information they require to help make healthy business decisions day after day.

In order to say goodbye to poor staff management, it’s important to first realise the most common challenges suffered by businesses. Four extremely common management problems are experienced by companies of all shapes and sizes, from restaurants to retail outlets, and we’ve touched on these in more detail below…


Common Employee Management Challenges


Now, many of you may be a little confused, after all, doesn’t EPOS stand for ‘Electronic Point of Sale’ and isn’t it essentially an electronic way of letting people pay for goods or services? This is a common misconception, as yes, it is an electronic point of sale, but it can also help to improve your employee management significantly… the question is, how?


Challenge 1: Accountability


The challenge here is that without close monitoring, it’s difficult to determine who is accountable for what. This can be troublesome should a problem occur, for example, if a payment has been processed incorrectly, you wouldn’t know which specific staff member to query the transaction with.

Solution: With help from an EPOS system, like EPOS Connect each transaction is assigned to the employee who completed the checkout. Knowing that store transactions are closely monitored can deter both mishandling and also internal theft practices.


Challenge 2: Setting an Expectation


Poor transparency among your team can mean your colleagues are somewhat blind to the level of expectation you’ve set, or at least, they’re in need of a reminder. Lack of monitoring can result in standards slipping. Also, too often than not, employee objectives are set on insufficient or inaccurate information, which can result in businesses creating both unreasonable and uninspiring targets with little business value.

Solution: With each of your staff members working under the same EPOS system, you will be able to motivate staff by setting relevant goals. Such level of monitoring will encourage staff to thrive in their performance, resulting in higher levels of productivity amongst your workforce.


Challenge 3: Career Development


It’s not always easy to identify and reward your top performers, especially if you’re unsure of who they are. Without the use of up-to-date reporting, you’re likely to lose sight of who is generating large amounts of sales or who is falling behind in meeting his or her monthly quota.

Solution: With an EPOS system, you’ll be able to run sales performance reports which can help you to recognise your most reliable team members. You’ll be able to pinpoint who your highest performing employees are. Such statistics will enable you to determine who deserves recognition and praise for their on-going hard work.


Challenge 4: Staff Training


There will always be that star pupil among your workforce who naturally performs to a higher standard than the others. But for those who are struggling and are in need of a helping hand, it’s important to implement the right level of training.

Solution: Now that your EPOS reports have helped you to identify your high performers, you can dig deeper into what makes these employees perform better, as this data can really enable you to get into the nitty gritty of your employee performance. As a result, you can adjust your staff training to help underperformers perform better.


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How an EPOS Can Help Aid Employee Management


Well, in the cases listed above i.e. accountability, setting expectations etc., an EPOS system can work wonders for your workplace. This is because it arms you with the essential facts and figures you need to gain better insight and set meaningful employee objectives that are both clear and measurable, all via valuable reporting tools.

It also provides the opportunity for you and your staff to gain better transparency of exactly what activity has taken place on a day-to-day basis. The recorded performance and results of such activities can help to indicate opportunities for career development and staff training, boosting morale amongst your team.


Vardells Can Help…


Vardells intelligent EPOS solution EPOS Connect ensures that you, the retailer, have the sales and stock analysis you need to gain comprehensive management reports and information. This gives you greater control over your business and better insight into employee productivity and performance. For more information on how EPOS Connect can benefit your business, contact our friendly team at Vardells today.

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