Retail Management System






Retail Connect is our enterprise RMS (Retail Management System). Suitable for larger multi-site retailers who need centralised access, deployment and control of all their stores. Providing a real-time and customisable eco-system Retail Connect enables portal access for stores, internal departments, and management, giving everyone the correct and up to date information they need to analyse and make those important business decisions.

Order Management & Replenishment

This module provides fully web-based B2B ordering solution with intelligent suggested order generation. Based upon your profile and portal login credentials the replenishment module allows orders to be amended and submitted to head office or direct to suppliers from any device.



• Suggested order generation based on chosen parameters

• Automatically generate order based on stock minimums

• Online order amendment and submission

• Single order across multiple stores

• Create stock orders quickly by scanning barcodes and uploading

• Full audit trail and reports

Operational apps can be used instore on both iOS and Android. This means that standard tasks such as transfers, deliveries, returns and stocktakes can be actioned using multiple cost-effective devices.

Stock & Inventory Replacement

Accurate stock control is important to all business owners to improve cashflow and maximise sales. To avoid mistakes requires an integrated real-time view of your entire inventory, across all your channels, warehouse, and goods in-transit. Through sophisticated tools and the availability of real-time data across the business Retail Connect can improve forecasting and buying decisions. A live view of sales and stock, enables intelligent stock replenishment to take place, based upon products that have been sold, how fast they were sold and at which location.

Using Vardells mobile barcode scanner is the movement of goods is accurately logged, from goods received, to stock checks, transfers, and supplier returns. The result is full visibility and tight control of stock as it moves around your business.

“Accurate forecasting allows us to maximise returns by increasing production, allocating stock to the stores selling lines most quickly, enabling branches to make better use of time and space”

Stock checks / takes





Dashboard Analytics And Reporting

Dashboards allow users to monitor the performance of their organisation to gauge exactly how well it is performing in key areas. Having a comprehensive suite of reports enable you to capture and report specific data points providing a snapshot and insight into your ongoing process.



Visual presentation of performance measures

Identify and correct negative trends

Measure efficiencies/inefficiencies

Generate detailed reports showing new trends

More informed decisions

Align strategies and organisational goals

Reporting Module

The Reporting Module is a full suite of reports including data generated by the POS. This also includes a user customisable dashboard that displays information like sales, promotions, cash and banking. It also ensures your business has the real-time data required to help support faster and better business decisions. Retail Connect enables retailers to access critical business data from any location and on any device, no matter where you are, providing you have internet access.

Below are some of the types of reports and analytical data that will be available by default.

• Top selling products

• Sales data / product

• VAT reporting

• Returns

• Stock valuation

• Banking report

• Transactions by customer

• Retro reporting

• Historic sales comparison

• Delisted products

• Payment type breakdown

• Discounts

• Comparison by region / store size

• Product trends

• Unidentified sales

• Operator summary

• Future inventory predictions

• Live vs minimum stock

• Slow moving stock

• Write offs

• Transactions look up

• Real time notifications

Marketing & Merchandising

Provides teams with the capability to create and manage all the master data around products, promotions and merchandise planning across stores. As a fully web-based solution, Retail Connect allows data to be managed from anywhere in real-time, and the advanced security features allow authorised personnel to be given the ability to manage and create products or promotions.



• Product maintenance

• Department maintenance

• Promotion maintenance

• Supplier maintenance

• Store maintenance

• User maintenance

• Merchandise hierarchy

• System maintenance

• Reporting

Price Management

It is important in a business environment to have dynamic control of pricing, being able to immediately manage pricing based upon events can provide the competitive edge.

Retail Connect includes both the creation of price groups and differentiated pricing based on each store or store group. Once created they can be put live in real-time at the corresponding store or group.

• Branch pricing

• Group pricing

• Reporting


Content Management

Getting data in and out of your retail system, quickly and accurately, is a key requirement for any business. This might be to update or modify item data, set new pricing, export items and stock levels, or load new product files. These can be time consuming and laborious especially if you are keying information manually or need IT support to extract the data you need.

Retail Connect provides a set of user-friendly built-in tools to import, export and modify bulk data using files rather than manual data entry. It’s designed to save you time and improve accuracy, and you can even set recurring tasks to run automatically to further streamline processes and productivity.