Vardells choice of single, and double facing integrated POS touchscreen terminals offer irresistible systems featuring exclusive concept designed at affordable and competitive prices, suitable for all business needs.

Features include:

  • Free space under the screen
  • Ergonomic touch screen – thin, flat, projected capacitive multi-touch panel (PCAP)
  • High quality materials and detailed finishes
  • 3 different types of processors available (among which is a fanless i5 version)
  • Fanless EPOS terminal (no ventilation)
  • Multiple connection options
  • Flash Disk SSD
  • Various colour options


Using a mobile barcode scanner is the most accurate way to quickly log goods received, carry out stock checks, and manage branch and warehouse transfers, as well as supplier and customer returns. The result is full visibility and tight control of stock as it moves around your business.

Vardells series of hand-held, single-line laser scanners offer accurate scanning of all standard 1D bar codes. These sleek scanners feature patented automatic infrared activation and decode all standard 1D bar codes, including GS1 DataBarTM (formerly known as RSS codes).

For presentation scanning, we offer a stand with automatic in-stand detection technology.


The intelligence of a mobile computer with the simplicity of a scanner, Vardells ultra-ergonomic hand-held stock guns offer the brainpower of a mobile, all at your fingertips. The result, a handheld mobile terminal, highly flexible device capable of streamlining many scan-intensive business processes in a wide variety of industries. From the front to back door in manufacturing, retail establishments, warehouses and much more.

The easy-to-use affordable mobile terminal offers a unique hybrid design, able to function as both a scanner and a mobile computer throughout the business day. Vardells stock guns can be utilised straight from the box as a scanner tethered to your point of sale terminal. This wireless mobile computer is capable of enabling inventory and other scan-intensive applications anywhere within your business.


The POS thermal and Bluetooth receipt printers set new standards for environmental compatibility, quality, reliability and total cost of ownership. Providing the most cost-efficient, long-lasting and eco-friendly POS thermal printers available.

Complete with branding and promotional capabilities, publicity on your business till receipt provides a highly efficient marketing tool. Thanks to the special construction method, the printers noticeably reduces system downtime and save on servicing costs, plus the simple and perfect integration into all systems means no interruption to business operation.


The SMARTtill Solution is a new revolution in cash management, enabling retailers to reduce cash losses, reduce the cost of cash handling, and improve in-store productivity. The intelligent cash drawer captures, in real-time, all cash activity at its location and reconciles the sales made. This information is collected without affecting transaction time or interrupting the retail transaction. The smart till solution can integrate with your POS hardware.


Mobile devices have revolutionised every part of our day to day lives, including the impact on the business supply chain from warehouse, to final point of sale.  They provide businesses with the ability to access real-time information and place orders at the touch of a button, whenever it suits you, and most importantly from wherever you are.

As a business solution provider, Vardells are continuously developing versions of our software which work on mobile devices, whilst maintaining the same level of functionality and integrity for all users, all fully optimised and scalable for mobile use.


Biometric technology offers businesses several benefits of which uniqueness is a key factor. The probability of 2 people sharing the same biometric data is virtually zero which means that an individual can be identified to a high level of accuracy. Furthermore, an individual’s biometric data is almost impossible to replicate making it a secure means of identification.

The programme is easy to use and helps you stay in control and allows you to manage the full EPoS system. It is ideal for environments where speed of service and accuracy is required.


Vardells triple-WAN 3G/LTE/VDSL&ADSL2+ firewall router is integrated with the 802.11n Wireless Access Point and 4-portgiga switch, offering a cutting-edge networking product for business users.

Uniquely, the router allows users to directly insert3G/4GLTE SIM card into its built-in SIM slots instead of requiring external USB modems. This design will avoid compatibility issues of many different 3G/LTE USB modems.

With an integrated 802.11n Wireless Access Point, the router delivers up to 6 times the speed and 3 times the wireless coverage of an 802.11b/g network device.


Compact, stylish, easy-to-use self-service kiosks and information terminals with optional payment and printing module.  Vardells offers an affordable, flexible kiosk platform, designed to deliver applications such as self-service POS, self-check-in, way finding, online ordering and click & collect in a wide range of environments including retail and other public services.

Featuring a bright, high definition 22” PCAP touch-screen and powerful Intel computer at its heart, the KX-100 is a fast and responsive platform which can enable customers to browse, select and pay.


Paypod is the latest point-of-sale automated payment innovation. It’s designed with everything you need as an independent retailer. Not only can you enjoy more time servicing your customers, it can be installed same-day in under an hour so there’s no impact on your business. Change the way you manage change with Paypod.

  • Reduce time spent handling cash
  • Decrease shrink by securing the cash safely
  • Minimise hygiene concerns through automation
  • Deploy instantly with easy interface to any Windows POS
  • Position your business for the future with adaptive technology


We work collaboratively with our customers to scope out their specific requirements, ensuring we deliver the ideal digital signage solution – both from an application and hardware perspective. Beyond this, we work with our customers to maintain their technology investment, ensuring they continue to maximise the customer engagement potential of their in-store digital signage.