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Warehouse Management Systems: The Benefits of Real-Time Data Reporting

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) play a critical role in driving efficiency across your organisation by streamlining data reporting. Accessing data in real-time can help remove bottlenecks from your workflow and highlight potential problems before they escalate. If you are regularly putting out fires in your supply chain, you should consider investing in a WMS with real-time data reporting.

Having  access to operational data as it happens can make or break supply chain management. Fortunately, when you have an effective warehouse management system, you can successfully track your inventory and ensure all goods are stored, sorted, shipped, and tracked properly. 

Without wasting any time, let’s explore the importance of real-time data reporting.

What is a real-time warehouse management system (WMS)?

When raw materials are not received on time or parts are misplaced across the warehouse, this can cause significant disruption to a supply chain. Effective warehouse management systems ensure these processes are error-free by monitoring every aspect of the supply chain. With the support of a centralised system, you can guarantee the swift delivery of products.

87% of industry decision-makers are in the process of expanding their warehouses by 2024. As the expansions get underway, it’s never been more important to invest in systems that can provide real-time data reporting. To support the streamlining of your supply chain. The absence of vital data has the potential to limit different areas of your supply chain at any given time.

A warehouse management system is often integrated with other systems, including inventory management systems, ERP’s and transportation management systems. These systems must harmoniously work together to address the demands of your organisation – bringing a clear sense of order to supply chain processes.

Why do you need real-time data for warehouse management?

To make informed business decisions, you must have access to real-time data. When you have tools at your fingertips enabling you to analyse key information, you can take strategic decisions optimised around customer experience. If you want customers to receive their products as quickly as possible, you can leverage real-time data at every stage to improve your supply chain.

Consolidated data is often transformational to supply chain management. A robust WMS will make this data available in real-time – providing you with critical insights. You can use these insights to adapt processes and react faster. At Vardells, we firmly believe that you are only limited by the amount of data you have access to at any given moment.

To assist in  ironing out the inefficiencies in your day to day processes, you should  leverage a warehouse management system that offers real-time data reporting. If your competitors invest in a WMS with real-time data reporting, you may find yourself running at a disadvantage.

Collecting real-time data allows you to identify what is working well quickly. At the same time, the data can help to pinpoint areas to improve. When you gather analysis, this can allow you to gain a strong understanding of processes and influence immediate and  future decisions. The decisions you make are only as good as the data you have access to at the time.

How can you streamline data reporting in a warehouse?

If you are actively looking for ways to streamline data reporting in a warehouse, you have come to the right place. Vardells Warehouse Management Solution is designed to improve operational efficiencies by streamlining your warehouse operations. You can hit the ground running with our intuitive solution and quickly unlock the benefits of real-time data reporting for your organisation.

Are you struggling to deliver on time, every time? Vardells Warehouse Connect is a barcode integrated warehouse management system for ambitious organisations that want to automate as many processes as possible to deliver maximum efficiency. 

If you want to maintain a competitive edge and dramatically exceed customer expectations, you must use a WMS to streamline data reporting. When you invest in suitable systems to drive your operations forward, this will prepare you to meet the unexpected challenges of supply chain management that can crop up at any moment. 

Vardells Warehouse Connect operates in real-time using handheld wireless barcode scanning terminals. All warehouse operators are guided through workflow processes with the display on the device. The operator must follow instructions on the terminal to complete different tasks, such as stocking, scanning, picking and packing. The equipment requires minimal training.

What systems do warehouses use?

Choosing the wrong system for your warehouse operations could have a detrimental impact on your ability to deliver on time, every time. If you want to streamline your warehouse operations and cut costs, you must pick the right system to meet your organisation’s needs. We have produced a must-read guide on selecting the right warehouse management system.

How does Vardells differ from competitors?

Compared to other warehouse management systems on the market, Vardells brings something new to the table. Here are some key benefits of the Vardells warehouse management solution:

  • Offers the optimal picking route to reduce pick duration.
  • Enables you to pick by customers or by specific groups.
  • Provides performance reports on every order.
  • Integrates seamlessly with courier software.
  • Guarantees accuracy through validation scanning.
  • Prints despatch documentation automatically.
  • Organises orders in sequence for maximum efficiency.

Are you a UK manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler or online store with a need for improved warehouse efficiency, optimisation and management? Vardells Warehouse Connect is fully HMRC accredited software capable of transforming your warehouse operations.

If you are serious about unlocking the potential of your warehouse operations, we encourage you to book a demo of the barcode integrated warehouse management system with us today.

Alternatively, you can request a callback or contact us for more information on our services.

A guide to selecting the right warehouse management system
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