WMS grid data
Warehouse Management Systems: The Benefits of Real-Time Data Reporting

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) play a critical role in driving efficiency across your organisation by streamlining data reporting. Accessing data in real-time can help remove bottlenecks from your workflow and highlight potential problems before they escalate. If you are regularly putting out fires in your supply chain, you should consider investing in a WMS with […]

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5 Reasons To Integrate An E-Commerce Platform With Your WMS

In previous blogs, we’ve highlighted the importance of implementing a successful warehouse management system (WMS). With the right system in place – such as our own Warehouse Connect – you can streamline your operations and save yourself time, money and manpower. However, as more businesses move online, there’s a growing need to align day-to-day operations […]

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7 Practical Ways To Reduce Warehouse Picking Errors

Picking errors are the silent assassin of warehouses: no-one sees or hears them at the time, but they’re going to kill your warehouse’s productivity regardless. It’s all too tempting with pick errors to put them down to human error and move on. You may be handling thousands of orders a day, with many many products […]

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12 Practical Ways To Improve Warehouse Efficiency & Productivity

There’s no shortage of blogs and guides out there on improving your warehouse’s efficiency and productivity. It’s easy to see why. For anyone who runs a warehouse or oversees operations management, those two factors are their job.  The more efficient a warehouse is, the more productive it is, and the more it can get done […]

Supply chain management
The Top 5 Methods for Optimum Inventory Management

Does your operation save money or bleed money? The pressure for your warehouse to improve the customer experience, enhance sales opportunities and save on overheads is relentless.  Multiple locations may mean your business is growing, but without effective inventory management, you can literally be throwing money away. Boost your performance with the top 5 methods […]

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The Need for Speed; In an On-Demand World How Can You Respond Faster?

In an on-demand, online world, responding to customer’s needs both quickly and efficiently is essential, and for many, this means identifying new business models and innovative applications to succeed. Technology upgrades for new payment options and tracking inventory are just two examples of deployments needed to ensure the highest level of customer engagement and satisfaction […]

Data Driven
Data-Driven Decision-Making; Good Decisions Rely on Good Data

It’s no secret that as a retailer, you’re continuously searching for ways to increase sales and improve customer retention, after all, it’s this same drive that ensures the efficient daily running of your business. It’s no wonder then that more and more businesses are increasingly turning to business intelligence tools in order to gain new […]

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A Guide to Selecting the Right Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system, (WMS) such as Vardells Warehouse Connect, is more than just a stock control or data collection system. Choosing the right system could have a significant impact on your ability to streamline your warehousing operations and save time, effort and manpower. Download our guide to find out more about how to select […]

7 Key Benefits Of Order Management Software

What Is Order Management? Order management is essential to successful warehouse operations, but what exactly is it? Well, as the name might indicate, order management is all about keeping track of orders and managing the people, processes and partnerships required to fill them. It comprises of not only keeping track of the order but managing […]

Peak Demand
How to Manage Peak Demand During the Golden Quarter

In order to make peak season count, maximising your revenue potential within this time frame becomes crucial. It’s not merely about selling as many items of stock as possible (although this is largely what you’re aiming to do). It’s also about how you handle those orders when you receive that sudden spike in demand. Handling […]

Smyths Toys

Smyths Toys Superstore is a recognised and established high street toy retailer.  The Irish chain provider of children’s toys and entertainment products, has over 110 stores throughout Ireland and the UK, and Vardells provides and services their two major central Warehouse Management Systems.

The Thomas Theyer Foundation

“The time we have gained back in efficiently and accurately monitoring and reporting on our sales behaviours, has meant we can focus more closely on what this heartfelt foundation is truly for – raising awareness and much needed funding for our charity” – Chris Theyer, Co- Founder.

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The 6 Key Benefits of a Warehouse Management System

Thanks to innovative developments in technology, modern distribution techniques are now being used worldwide, with warehouse management systems (WMS) helping to solve many of the major challenges that organisations struggle with today. From poor inventory management to bad customer service, a WMS provides an effective solution to counteract such struggles, proving to be a resourceful […]

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4 Steps to Building a Strong Business Case for a WMS

All new projects must have a business case that demonstrates the value of the venture, so when building a business case for a Warehouse Management System (WMS), such as Vardells Warehouse Connect it’s essential to ask whether the investment is financially justifiable. Understanding when, how and to what extent a WMS will contribute towards process […]

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5 Ways to Reduce Warehouse Management Costs

The Pursuit of Warehouse Cost Savings   Warehouse costs are a large percentage of overall logistics costs, which means as a warehouse manager or director of operations, you are often in pursuit of continuous improvement and warehouse cost saving. Beyond managing labour costs, there are many key areas where increases in warehouse efficiencies can be […]

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How to Prevent Product Shortages and Overstocking

Inventory management is often considered as the single most challenging aspect of any business. Businesses with poor inventory control generally experience costly warehousing fees, slow-moving items in stock, as well as product shortages, chaotic or congested warehouse floors, shipment delays, pricing errors and much more. Assessing the costs that lack of inventory and surplus of […]

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How EPOS Systems Can Improve Employee Management

Keeping on top of your employee reviews, training, incentives and day-to-day communications can be hard work, particularly when you have so many other tasks to juggle. It can also cost you extensively in time and money. Yet, these processes are essential to the efficient running of your business and cannot be overlooked or ignored. No-one […]

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The relevance of in-store innovation for high street retail.

From a technology perspective, the profile of the high street store has probably been a little in the shadows, compared to dedicated focus on ecommerce growth in recent years. But brick and mortar stores still process the vast majority of transactions for most omni-commerce retailers, albeit at considerable operating cost. Now more and more retailers […]