Stock Ordering And Stock Control Solutions

Managing your stock and having control over ordering your stock is essential for your warehouse processes. So having a stock ordering software solution can help you to streamline your business and increase your visibility and control over your stock. 

Our stock control systems and solutions can benefit your business to help you become more streamlined in control over all your stock. Whether that’s ordering new stock or keeping track of your stock levels.


What Are Stock Ordering and Stock Control Solutions? 

Stock control, also referred to as inventory control, helps you understand the quantity of stock you currently possess and how you effectively manage it. It encompasses every item involved in the production of a product or service, starting from raw materials and extending to finished goods.


What Are The Benefits Of Stock Ordering and Stock Control Solutions? 

Our stock control software and systems come with a few benefits to your business. Helping you to have full visibility over your stock, ordering and warehouse processes. 

Stock and order management software solutions provide a range of benefits to all internal workflows, allowing you to generate orders with ease.

Here’s a quick list of the benefits that a good sourcing and purchasing solution can provide:


  • Generate orders based on a range of parameters like stock minimums/abundance
  • Quickly amend and submit your orders
  • Place a single order across multiple stores
  • Build out stock orders quickly by scanning barcodes and uploading data
  • Create full reports and audit trails to keep track of stock purchased/sold


A large benefit to modern sourcing and purchasing solutions is their ability to be used through operational apps that can be used in-store on both iOS and Android, allowing the user to perform standard tasks like transfers, deliveries, returns and stocktakes. 

If you would like to integrate our Retail Connect order management solution with your own software or app, we offer integration services that can help you bridge the gap and gain the best of both pieces of software. Please get in touch today if you would like to discuss integration.


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Why do businesses need Stock Control Solutions?

Stock and order management software are vitally important to most businesses, especially when they need to consider production and warehouse order management. If you don’t have the correct software for you, you may find that you run into issues such as:

  • Low stock – issues like this can be easily resolved through automated order management
  • Easily rectifiable order mistakes – systems like Retail Connect allow you to review and amend orders before submission quickly.
  • Lack of oversight – If you cannot track the orders you’ve made from a single location, you may over-order on specific inventory. This could potentially leave with you masses of stock that you may be unable to sell.


More Services From Vardells

Vardells offers a range of other services to help your business succeed in addition to our support services. Have a look at more of our key warehouse management services below:


Integrate your systems


When you include our services such as Warehouse Connect, Retail Connect, and EPOS Connect, it’s important to consider system integration. By smoothly combining these solutions with your existing ERP and eCommerce systems, you can make the most of their capabilities. System integration provides an opportunity to assist your team with innovative solutions, eliminating the need for extensive training on a completely new software package.

If you’re interested in learning more about our integration services, we encourage you to reach out to our team of experts. They are fully prepared to assist you in determining the most effective method for smoothly incorporating new solutions into your current infrastructure.


System Integration


Expand your infrastructure


Having a suitable infrastructure for your business is incredibly important. When you have the right support, a strong infrastructure allows you to fully utilize the capabilities of your warehouse. It also helps you effectively manage your business operations and ensures the safety of your customer data by using a combination of cloud and on-site server solutions.


Infrastructure Management


Software Development Support when you need it


At Vardells, our team comprises of highly skilled professionals ready to provide software support tailored to your business needs. Our top priority is to develop software solutions that precisely align with your requirements, ensuring you receive the necessary functionalities without any unnecessary extras. We also focus heavily on scalability and security, so your integrations and infrastructures are well-equipped to grow alongside your business.


Software Development


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Vardells solutions have the power to unleash the potential of your business or organization, offering a range of solutions that can create new workflows and enhance efficiency. If you would like to witness the effectiveness of Vardells services in action or if you wish to discuss updates, book a demo, or get in touch with our team, don’t hesitate to reach out today.


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