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Having a deep understanding of your price and product management solutions is vital when running any business. Vardells specialises in straightforward, accessible solutions like Retail Connect and EPOS Connect, so all you need to worry about is running your business.


What are price and product management solutions?

Price and product management solutions are multi-faceted. They allow you to improve sales and procurement processes while making the most of your inventory. Allowing you to easily edit the attributes of every product in your database. Our solutions also give you the freedom to create price groups and differentiate pricing based on stores or store groups in your chain.


What benefits do product and pricing solutions offer?

Vardells order management cost solutions offer a host of benefits for any size of business. You can make quick changes to your product inventory while also improving the sales journey for customers. It’s a vital part of most businesses, but plays the biggest part in the retail industry, where managing inventory across multiple stores can be a challenge. 


Benefits of price and product management solutions include:


  • Streamline store management processes like procurement, sales, accounting and more.
  • Review retail data from one location, improving collaboration between teams and stores. 
  • Offer greater visibility and reporting, helping you to analyse your performance and make changes where needed. 
  • Automate stock purchasing, time-limited promotions, and more.
  • Mitigate the danger of fraud through direct customer payments using contactless, or allowing them to insert their card into the machine.
  • Protect customer and business data through advanced in-built security.


With the aid of software solutions like EPOS Connect and Retail Connect, product and price management has never been easier. If you’d like to discuss the implementation or integration of Retail Connect and EPOS Connect, contact us today.


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What issues do people run into without the proper product management software?

Proper product and price management solutions prevent a host of issues that could result in loss of revenue and damaged reputations. Without the proper solution, you may end up running into issues such as:


  • Improperly priced products, especially if priced on a store-by-store basis
  • Miscalculated stock levels, leading to low or no stock in stores where the product is in high demand
  • Missed promotional opportunities – where the stock price is not set to a promotional or discounted price, missing an opportunity to increase revenue and reduce stock
  • Mislabelled products, where stock is given the wrong code or name, and as such is laid out incorrectly in store, resulting in customer misunderstandings
  • Supplier maintenance and communication issues – where a supplier potentially has supply issues, having a knock-on effect on your inventory


Update pricing quickly through Vardells Retail Management System – Retail Connect


Retail Connect offers the latest in price management solutions, integrating seamlessly with your current systems to allow you to rapidly update prices in real-time across your inventory. This web-based solution is also accessible from any location with internet access, so you can make changes to all stores from a single location.

It features a range of features, including price management, for creating price groups and reporting, and marketing and merchandise support, so you can manage master data and plan promotions with your team. 

You’ll also find a useful content management function, that allows you to easily edit and transfer data in bulk, helping you streamline your system even further.

For more information on the features of Retail Connect, view our blog pages, or take a look at our guide on selecting the right warehouse management system today.


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Manage a full product database through Vardells POS software solution – EPOS Connect


Vardells POS software solution – EPOS Connect provides a means of improving the speed and flow of your stores through rapid customer checkout while allowing full product database management, promotions, loyalty schemes, app connection and more.

This software solution is suitable for both single-site and multi-site retail environments and offers a real-time system that benefits from being fully customisable. EPOS Connect is also a live online solution, allowing you to create reports with real-time, up-to-date information from any location.

For further information on the features and benefits of EPOS Connect, view our EPOS Connect Blog today and download our guide.


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Vardells systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with your current ERP and eCommerce systems, creating a much larger solution that can further improve efficiencies and streamline processes. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about integrating Vardells top-of-the-line solutions with your current workflow, get in touch today.


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Why choose Vardells for product and pricing management?

Vardells are the experts in supply chain technologies and warehouse, POS and retail solutions, increasing efficiencies in business operations for over 30 years. Our modular system allows you to create a bespoke solution for your business, helping you to get exactly what you need without unnecessary extras.

To learn more about Vardells, view our About Us page today, or reach out to discuss our solutions today.


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Warehouse Connect – Warehouse Management Solutions


If your business is rapidly expanding and in need of a warehouse management solution, consider looking into Warehouse Connect. This solution works seamlessly with Retail and EPOS Connect, helping you to streamline your warehousing operations through easy-to-use software and barcode scanning systems.


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Vardells Hardware Solutions


Vardells also offers a range of hardware solutions to complement its RMS, WMS and POS solutions. Hardware includes POS terminals, scanners and stock guns, receipt printers, mobile POS, biometric scanning systems, kiosks, self-service & information terminals, and much more.


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Products & Pricing, Order Management, and Warehouse Management Software Costs


Vardells offers a bespoke and modular framework built to your specifications and business, so get in touch today to discuss your POS, Retail Management, Order Management, and Warehouse Management Software Costs. 


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