Infrastructure Management Services

Utilising effective infrastructure management services is a key method of keeping your joined warehouse and business operations running at maximum efficiency. Finding the right services for your system is important, which is why Vardells specialists are on hand to build or update an infrastructure tailored to your needs. 

With the latest security and features, Vardells can help you to help stay ahead of the competition.

What are Infrastructure Management Services?

Infrastructure Management Services involve working alongside a third party, such as Vardells, to develop and maintain the inner workings of your warehouse and business. These inner workings involve connectivity and integration between solutions and services, allowing you to affect warehouse or business operations both on and off-site.

Infrastructure services also provide important security features that businesses need to keep their data and customer data secure. That’s why effective infrastructure management includes storage, backup and archiving of data, as well as security services to keep your information safe from malicious intent.

What benefit does good infrastructure management provide?

Solid infrastructure management provides a host of benefits, including:

  • Security – Your data and your customer data are more secure behind layers of security
  • Connectivity – Enjoy a seamless dialogue between your ERP systems, accounting software, warehouse management systems, and more, cutting down on task repetition.
  • Efficiency – Improve efficiencies throughout the warehouse and business by allowing data changes to happen in real time. This helps keep your team on the page regarding deliveries, sales and more. 
  • It all happens in the background, meaning you and your team can enjoy business as usual until you require updates or new features.

Working with Vardells also offers you the opportunity to introduce iOS and Android apps into your infrastructure, further increasing their potential and improving data management across your business.

If you would like to discuss the integration of iOS or Android apps into your business infrastructure, be sure to get in touch today.

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Implement effective infrastructure management today with Vardells services 

Vardells utilises a combination of in-house technical expertise with the Microsoft Azure platform for clients looking to move their services to the cloud.

Features of our infrastructure management services

The Warehouse Infrastructure Management experts

Vardells has been working in warehouse infrastructure management for over 30 years and excels at providing top-of-the-line infrastructure advice and solutions to keep businesses at the forefront of their industry.

Our in-house team of infrastructure engineers are ideally placed to help you not only develop your warehouse-to-business infrastructure but also implement and integrate new solutions to expand your potential.

The team can provide a singular or a mixture of solutions depending on your business needs. This could include physical on-premises servers, which are deployed at your business location and hold all of your valuable data. This server also hosts all the software that you’ll utilise, rather than a remote virtual facility provided through Cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure

Data security is naturally one of the most important factors for successful businesses, and as such Vardells works closely with Microsoft Azure to provide the latest in cloud security, allowing you to access your cloud-hosted data reliably and without fear of external forces gaining access.

Working with Azure, our team can add cloud capabilities to your existing network through its platform as a service (PaaS) model, or entrust Microsoft with all of your computing and network needs with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), allowing you to access your applications from any location.

Both our Retail Management Solution, Retail Connect, and our POS solution, EPOS Connect, utilise the Microsoft .NET framework effectively, with Microsoft Azure providing the hosting platform. This .NET framework utilises Microsoft’s in-depth knowledge of the framework, and as such reliably maintains the functionality of your solutions.

Expanding our capabilities

Azure also provides better options for using Microsoft SQL Server in the cloud for both management and pricing. This enables Vardells to expand on our solution capabilities, helping businesses acquire even more flexibility and scalability from them. 

Utilising Azure also removes any development elements unless specific functionality is needed, and helps to ensure that your budgets aren’t being spent on system maintenance.

Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid Solutions are ideal for a business or organisation that may have sensitive workloads or data. Through a hybrid solution, you could host your sensitive data on a private cloud, while less critical data could be hosted in a public cloud. This is also useful for businesses that have regulatory requirements for data handling and storage, or require a separate solution for their e-commerce site (private) versus their corporate site (public).

Using public cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services is a great hybrid solution, offering superior scalability. Please be aware though, that having the technology to allow the private and public cloud to connect and interact can be vital, and should be considered when approaching this solution.

For more information on how Vardells can update your infrastructure to provide greater security and easier access to solutions, get in touch today.

Vardells Services

Alongside Infrastructure Management, Vardells have a range of other services available to help your business succeed.

Integrate your systems

System integration is one of the most important considerations when adopting new solutions like Warehouse Connect, Retail Connect and EPOS Connect. An integrated software infrastructure allows you to make the most of your solutions by connecting them to your current ERP and eCommerce systems. Integration is a great way to introduce your team to new solutions without having to introduce in-depth training to bring them up to speed with a new piece of software. For more information on our integration services, view our System Integration page, or get in touch with our team today.

System Integration

Software Development Support

Vardells Software Support services are available to all clients and offer a team of highly skilled software developers to build software to client requirements. This team is dedicated to creating software that ensures the scalability and security of your business and its infrastructures. For more information, view our Software Support page.

Software Support

Further Support Services

Vardells also provides Support Services through email, telephone and a Helpdesk Portal. This provides clients with easy access to software support teams, where remote assistance can be provided, advice can be given on system updates and upgrades, and incidents can be logged. To see how our team can help you, view our dedicated Support Services page.

Support Services

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Vardells solutions can unlock the potential of your business or organisation, whether it be through updated infrastructure to allow increased security and data management or one of our solutions to create new workflows and efficiencies. If you want to see Vardells solutions in action or wish to discuss infrastructure updates, book a demo or reach out to our team today.

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