Warehouse Management Services 

At Vardells we provide a range of warehouse management services for businesses across the UK and Ireland. We help businesses to streamline their management systems to improve their logistics, deliveries, shipping and more.

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Why Businesses Need Warehouse Management Services 

Some of the most important aspects of business are supply chain management and warehouse management, especially for businesses in manufacturing or retail. But as you expand your business, you also need to expand your supply and keep track of everything in your warehouse. This can add challenges to business operations. However, warehouse management services can streamline your processes for the best outcome for your business and more importantly your customers.

Warehouse management services from a dedicated team of experts can add value to your business and take away the challenges presented by supply chain and warehouse management issues. So investing in warehouse services for your business can help with the following:


– Avoiding and reducing human error 

– Analysing and optimising your in-house systems and stock 

– Manage inventory effectively for a better experience for customers

– ERP Integration and a great return on investment


Our Warehouse Management Services

At Vardells we provide a wide range of warehouse management services aimed at helping to manage your most important operations software and add value to your business. See all of our services below.

Software Development 

Vardells DevOps as a service is a turnkey solution to help companies accelerate their software development and delivery, simplify release management and improve the overall quality of the entire software development cycle. We unite your development and operations into a single rapid deployment entity that can be scaled up or down in minutes, and ensures scalability, security and dependability for all business sizes.

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Support Services 

Through our helpdesk portal, Vardells provides full support management of your warehouse systems. Our support services also ensure our customers are protected, have their systems maintained and that issues are responded to in a timely manner. The features of our helpdesk portal are also all designed to fully support our customers with what they need.

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Infrastructure Management 

We use Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform for building, deploying and managing services and applications, using a flexible and open approach. Azure allows you to add cloud capabilities to your existing on-premises IT infrastructure through platform as a service (PaaS).  You can also entrust Microsoft with all of your computing and network needs with infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Discover our Infrastructure Management services.

System Integration 

We have a wealth of experience in facilitating our services which integrate seamlessly with core financial ERP and eCommerce systems. The approach varies depending on the functional requirements of the service, the system or systems to be integrated with and the organisational environment. We can support organisations in creating customised integrations as well as implementing a ‘ready-made’ integration service by utilising your existing core systems as part of a standard installation.

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Why Choose Vardells for Warehouse Management Services? 

As a provider of warehouse management services, our dedicated team are constantly working to deliver the best solutions for your business. So when you chose Vardells for warehouse management services, you can rely on us to support your business and optimise your operations. Here is what you can expect when you work with us.


As one of Vardells key principles, we are always completely transparent with our customers. As we consult you through your warehouse optimisations we are always open and consult with you before any changes are made. 

UK Implementation 

We have helped businesses across the UK to implement warehouse management software and hardware to streamline their operations, increase productivity, reduce costs and maximise revenue.

Compatible & Flexible Integration

With all of our bespoke services, we tailor them to what suits your business. Our integration process ensures that our systems are compatible with your business and receive a flexible integration focusing on what you need.

Help desk & Support Team

Our Helpdesk and dedicated support team mean that we are never out of reach. Simply give us a call on 01298 767 600 and our team will be ready to help you with any query you may have.

Dedicated & Proactive Account Management

You receive a dedicated account manager who will understand your systems and consult with you on the best changes to make the most impact. They will understand how your business runs and the best way to improve your organisation’s operations.


See our Warehouse Management Solutions  

In addition to our warehouse management services, we also provide dedicated solutions, aimed at helping your business to become more efficient by improving your software and updating your barcode scanners and hardware. See all of our warehouse management solutions below:


Epos Estate Management

– Products & Pricing 

Order Management

– Reports & Analytics 

Forecast & Demand Planning 

Warehouse Management 

– Sourcing & Purchasing 

– Allocation & Replenishment 

Inventory Management


Warehouse Management FAQ’s 


What are warehouse management services? 

Warehouse management services provide businesses with critical operations support in managing warehouse spaces, inventory management, software management, hardware management and supply chain management.

What is the difference between IMS and a WMS service? 

Inventory management systems or IMS keeps track of all the stock inside a warehouse as well as all inventory documents. Warehouse management systems or WMS tracks the different types of stock inside a warehouse. IMS and WMS are often used in tandem to improve warehouse management and operations and maintain control over your stock.

What is the primary function of warehouse management?

The primary function of warehouse management is to control the flow of stock going in and out of your warehouse. It allows warehouse managers and operation managers to have complete visibility over stock levels and insight into stock replenishment when stock is available and improve stocking processes.

What components are needed for warehouse management?

Most warehouses operate in a very similar way and there are a few essential components that all warehouses share that make them successful. These components are as follows:


– Reporting & Analytics 

– Shipping & Delivery 

– Inventory Tracking

– Packaging 

– Stock Control


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