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Being able to generate warehouse analytics and reports is vitally important to the long-term growth of your business. Your analytics offers you and your team the chance to see exactly which products have sold well, and which ones haven’t. Through this, educated guesses can be made as to the longevity of a product, workflow or sales method, which could help you develop your business model towards sustainable growth.


Being able to properly report on these issues means you can present your findings to managers and shareholders, who may spot potential issues or suggest potential changes which will also contribute towards taking your business from strength to strength.


If you wish to implement and utilise the benefits of an analytics and reporting system, Vardells Retail Connect solution has exactly what you need.


What is a warehouse analytics system?

Warehouse Analytics systems allow you complete oversight of the products you are selling and provide sales and product data to help you make informed decisions on the longevity of that product. Through an analytics system, you should be able to compare information on how products have sold historically, how their current stock levels look, how many of those products were write-offs, and much more.


What is a warehouse reporting system?

Warehouse reporting systems allow you to take the information you have gleaned from your analytics, and turn it into an accessible report for your teams to look into. Through these systems, you should also be able to look at VAT Reporting, retro reporting, ranking reports and more.


What benefits do analytics and reporting solutions offer?

Through proper analytics and reporting solutions, you can begin to test and implement change in your warehouse and across your business, in line with accurate and up-to-date reports. These solutions should provide you with:


  • An overview of top-selling products and sales and product data
  • Store-by-store sales comparisons
  • Future inventory predictions
  • Stock order generation
  • Historic sales comparison and delisted product data
  • Minimum stock vs live stock data
  • Stock valuations and slow-moving stock
  • Transaction look-ups and transactions by customer
  • Banking reports
  • Unidentified sales and product trends
  • Payment type breakdowns

Vardells Retail Connect solution offers all of the above analytics solutions alongside an intuitive interface that is designed to help users quickly grasp its functionality. This system can also be integrated into other Vardells solutions and your own ERP and eCommerce systems too.


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What issues do people run into without effective analytics and reporting?

Reporting and analytics play such a vital role in business and warehousing, that businesses can run into a number of issues without them:


  • Inaccurate sales and product data – Without the proper figures on how well your products have sold, it can be difficult to know if you need to adjust margins on that product, or even whether it is worth continuing to stock it altogether.
  • Poor understanding of the success of your stores – Without store-by-store comparisons, it is very hard to see exactly how successful your stores are. This means you will miss opportunities to improve how they run, alongside seeing whether a product is successful or not between stores.
  • Poor forecasting – Without the proper analytics tools, it’s very difficult to accurately forecast how well your products will perform. Without that year-on-year and month-on-month data, you could be purchasing products before they are truly needed, which will then take up space in warehouses and stores.
  • Lack of customer transaction knowledge – Not having an accurate representation of customer transactions can make it tough to understand exactly which products might need looking into, whether it’s because they are highly popular or faulty.
  • No payment type knowledge – Understanding exactly how customers are paying for products is vital. It could make the difference between introducing more hardware like self-service payment terminals, or introducing a wider POS solution.


Handle your Analytics and reporting through Retail Connect

Vardells takes analytics and reporting to the next level, offering a range of powerful features, so you can accurately forecast and review the performance of your stores and eCommerce platforms:


  • Real-time data pulled through into our analytics and reporting module is always available to view from any location. This means you can review the success of your business and make informed decisions on where to make changes with the most recent information.
  • Understand just how your stores and regions are performing against one another to allow for rapid allocation decisions and stock management. Through a strong knowledge of your stores, you can even help to mitigate against slow-moving stock.
  • Make overhauls to how your stores operate through real-time POS data, which can show you exactly which transaction methods are most successful. Through this and Vardells range of hardware, you can adapt your stores to meet the customer’s preferred choice of payment.
  • There are a number of ways to measure the success of a product. Sometimes it is through comprehensive sales data, but also it can be found through customer transaction data. For instance, is the product in question returned frequently? Our analytics and reporting will help you understand if so, so you can take any required actions with confidence.
  • Generate banking reports to analyse the overall success of your business. Through Vardells intuitive design and easy-to-read interface, these reports are ideal for sharing with board members and upper management.
  • Integrate Retail Connect with your internal ERP and eCommerce systems. Through solid integration, you can introduce new team members to the report and analytics module without expensive retraining.


To learn more about our Analytics and Reporting module, and Retail Connect as a whole, be sure to view our article on data-driven decision-making, and read our free guide on warehouse management systems.


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Integrate your systems

At Vardells, we understand the importance of integrating systems to improve workflows, which is why we have a dedicated software integration team available to all Vardells users. Our team understands the intricacies of software integration, and can effectively bring together Vardells solutions and your own ERP and eCommerce systems.

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Why choose Vardells for reporting and analytics solutions?

We’re proud to have worked in warehouse, retail and POS solutions for over 30 years. During that time we have finely honed our reporting and analytics solution to provide the most useful information to your staff, without any excessive or unnecessary information. Accessibility is also at the heart of our design, and modules like this one are designed to be highly intuitive, so your team can begin using them as soon as they are available.

For more information on Vardells, be sure to view our About Us page, or get in touch if you’re ready to start implementing Vardells solutions to your business.


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Warehouse Connect – Our Warehouse Management Solution

Alongside Retail Connect, we also offer a powerful warehouse management solution that will greatly update your warehouse workflows and improve efficiencies. This system offers a host of benefits, including the introduction of automation and complex barcodes, and the reduction of unnecessary data entry.

You can also integrate this solution seamlessly with Retail Connect and EPOS Connect, as well as your own ERP and eCommerce systems.


Warehouse Connect


EPOS Connect – Our Point of Sale Solutions

EPOS Connect offers an incredible array of features to help you manage your stores across the UK and beyond. It introduces new hardware and functionalities, so you can improve the efficiency of your teams as well as the customer experience.

Much like Warehouse Connect and Retail Connect, this system can also be fully integrated into your existing offering, helping you to make the best possible decisions for your teams on the ground.


 EPOS Connect


Hardware solutions for your business

Vardells also offers a range of hardware solutions to meet your business needs, which are available at any time. Hardware includes powerful warehouse devices like scanners and stock guns, to store kiosks and self-service terminals, all available to help your business run as efficiently as possible.


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