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Having the power to manage stock replenishment and stock allocation is absolutely essential for any warehouse. Consider that if your stock is not replenished when it needs to be, you could miss out on sales, or slow down production. If your allocation across your stores isn’t up to speed or improperly entered, you could find those stores running out of stock when they desperately need it.

For all matters relating to stock replenishment and allocation, look no further than Retail Connect – Vardells highly accessible and intuitive software – that makes stock decisions quick and easy to manage.


What is a stock order management system?

Stock Order Management systems are designed to help you order and replace stock with ease. They provide you with a full list of suppliers, making it straightforward to retrieve the latest prices and provide automated responses to low figures, so you can make rapid decisions on stock replenishment.


What is a stock allocation system?

Stock allocation systems like Retail Connect allow you to have complete control of your inventory, so you can make those important decisions on distribution. 

They provide a detailed rundown of your inventory, so you always know where your stock is currently, where it’s going, and how it’s going to get there.

Through the automation provided by these systems, you can enjoy streamlined processes for you and your warehouse team, so stock levels across all warehouses and shopfronts are up-to-date.


What benefits do stock order management and stock allocation solutions offer?

Stock order management and stock allocation solutions offer a host of benefits to warehouse managers and operators, including:


  • An overview of stock across your warehouse and stores
  • Stock replenishment warnings and notifications
  • Oversight of allocation in the process
  • Stock order generation
  • Barcode scanning for accurate inventory and quick stock orders
  • Full audit trails and reporting


Vardells is leading the way on retail management systems like Retail Connect, which is why we also offer integration services, so you can build inventory management into your business applications.


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What issues do people run into without effective stock allocation and replenishment management?

Without proper management of stock allocation and replenishment, businesses can run into a number of issues that could be avoided:

  • Stock mismanagement – Stock mismanagement can be a major issue in warehouses and supply chains, and is often caused by human error. Stock mismanagement can result in a number of issues like stock going missing, or being delivered to the wrong location. These issues can cost money in both redelivery costs and missed sales opportunities. 
  • Not enough stock ordered – Not being able to see your warehouse inventory and the inventory of your stores means there is a higher likelihood of stock orders not being filled properly or in good time. This can delay production if the stock is part of a production queue, or you could miss an opportunity to sell more stock because it isn’t available.
  • Improper auditing – Auditing is a huge part of the warehousing process, but without the proper tools, it can be difficult to see an audit through to completion and then report on it. This makes it much harder to settle any processing issues and prevents growth through improved workflows.


Replenish stock and manage allocation with ease – Retail Connect and Warehouse Connect

Vardells is at the cutting edge of warehouse and retail management systems, that allow you to make effective decisions on allocation and replenishment through an intuitive interface and powerful features:


  • Barcode scanning is an important part of the Vardells process, and users will find that Vardells hardware and barcodes greatly improve the warehousing workflow. This workflow will not only make it quick and easy to store products in the warehouse and in stores but through the complex barcode system, uploading information to e-commerce and warehouse systems is greatly improved with reduced risk of human error.
  • A real-time view of your entire inventory is available through Retail Connect. This allows you to see every single item in your warehouse from a single location, with real-time stock updates, so you always know when a product is at risk of low stock.
  • Retail Connect warns you when stock replenishment is due and generates an order, so all you need to do is submit the form when you are ready.
  • Allocate your stock to stores with courier integration, which helps you pick out the most cost-effective courier for your delivery. 
  • View all of your stores from a single website portal, so you can see exactly how each store is performing, and decide whether stock replenishment is required, or whether you would benefit from it being allocated elsewhere.
  • Integrate Retail Connect’s allocation and replenishment systems with your in-house business app, so you can access everything you need to with an interface you are already comfortable with.
  • A large part of allocation involves forecasting, to make sure your stock is going to the best possible place to sell. Be sure to look to our forecasting and demand planning solutions for more information.


There are a number of helpful blog pages that can teach you more about Retail Connect, and we also offer a free guide on warehouse management systems, to help you make an informed decision on your warehouse solutions.


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The integration of systems can play an important role in the successful transition to Retail Connect or Warehouse Connect. Vardells is on hand to make sure that all of your integration needs are met, through our dedicated software integration services, which bring your ERP and eCommerce platforms and allow you to view the RMS and WMS solutions that you require through them. 

This is a great way to introduce your team to new software while allowing them to work through the same interfaces that they are used to.


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Why choose Vardells for replenishment and allocation solutions?

Vardells have over 30 years’ worth of experience working in retail, POS and warehouse solutions. Our modular solutions are designed from the ground up to be accessible and intuitive, so your staff can begin to use them with minimal training. Through using Vardells, you can truly begin to streamline your processes and workflows, making sure that your business runs as effectively as possible.

To learn more about Vardells, view our About Us page, if you’re ready to begin working on implementing our solutions and services, get in touch today.


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Warehouse Connect – Our Warehouse Management Solution

Vardells Warehouse Connect system is the ultimate complementary solution to Retail Connect. Warehouse Connect gives your warehouses the opportunity to automate and introduce efficient new workflows, so you can keep on top of things allocation, replenishment, and forecasting, without having to re-input data or manage human error.

Integrating this system with our other solutions like EPOS Connect and Retail Connect is very straightforward, and our teams can also integrate it with your current systems, too.


Warehouse Connect


EPOS Connect – Our Point of Sale Solutions

Much like Warehouse Connect, EPOS Connect is designed to complement Retail Connect by implementing new functionalities and improving workflow and customer experience within your stores.

Everything from stock analysis to rapid payment processing is available through EPOS Connect, and much like our other solutions, it can be integrated seamlessly with your ERP and eCommerce systems too.


EPOS Connect


Hardware solutions for your warehouse

Having the right hardware is absolutely essential to running a functional warehouse and business. Vardells systems use the latest hardware technologies like scanners and stock guns, self-service terminals, mobile POS devices and more, to help you run your business effectively.


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