Order and Service Management Solutions

Order and service management solutions play a central role in large, dynamic businesses. They offer the ability to make and edit orders quickly, which can be vital when running a warehouse or in fast-paced retail or wholesale environments.

Vardells’ intelligent, easy-to-use and cost-effective module found through Retail Connect is designed to take the difficulty out of stock replenishment, so you can focus on the growth of your business.

What are order and service management solutions?

Order and service management solutions work with your inventory to allow for easy stock replenishment. They allow you to generate orders based on a variety of chosen parameters like stock levels and cost, and provide amendment options so you’re always in control of your inventory.

What benefits do order management solutions offer?

Order and service management solutions provide a range of benefits to all internal workflows, allowing you to generate orders with ease.

Here’s a quick list of the benefits that a good order and management solution can provide:


  • Generate orders based on a range of parameters like stock minimums/abundance


  • Quickly amend and submit your orders


  • Place a single order across multiple stores


  • Build out stock orders quickly by scanning barcodes and uploading data


  • Create full reports and audit trails to keep track of stock purchased/sold


A large benefit to modern order management solutions is their ability to be used through operational apps that can be used in-store on both iOS and Android, allowing the user to perform standard tasks like transfers, deliveries, returns and stocktakes. 

If you would like to integrate our Retail Connect order management solution with your own software or app, we offer integration services that can help you bridge the gap and gain the best of both pieces of software. Please get in touch today if you would like to discuss integration.

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What issues do businesses run into without order and service management software?

Order and service management software are vitally important to most retail businesses, especially when they need to consider production and warehouse order management. If you don’t have the correct software for you, you may find that you run into issues such as:

  • Low stock – issues like this can be easily resolved through automated order management
  • Easily rectifiable order mistakes – systems like Retail Connect allow you to review and amend orders before submission quickly.
  • Lack of oversight – If you cannot track the orders you’ve made from a single location, you may over-order on specific inventory. This could potentially leave with you masses of stock that you may be unable to sell.

Manage your warehouse and production orders – Retail Connect

Retail Connect, the state-of-the-art retail management system (RMS) from Vardells, can integrate seamlessly with your current software to help you keep on top of warehouse and production order management. Stock orders can be generated based on a variety of parameters to help you keep on top of replenishment and prevent you from overstocking. Orders can also be easily amended. Vardells prides itself on offering a highly accessible solution, meaning that any amendments and changes can be done with minimal interruption to your workflow. 

Warehouse order management can be easily maintained through an effective barcode implementation, allowing you to scan and track your stock rapidly, greatly reducing human error. You can also keep track of your inbound and outbound stock through effective auditing and reporting, which can be made available to management.


Learn more about Retail Connect today by viewing our blog pages. Or read through our handy guide on finding the best warehouse management system for you.

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Integration is just one of the many services that Vardells provides, allowing you to merge Retail Connect’s order and service management solutions with your current ERP and eCommerce platforms. This allows you to effectively streamline your processes, creating a system that works effectively for you and your team. For more information on integrating with Vardells, get in touch today or view our Services page.


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Why choose Vardells for Order Management?

Vardells have been working in warehouse, POS and retail solutions for over 30 years, helping businesses to improve their workflow and efficiencies through modern, accessible solutions. We work with you to provide modular support, so you can implement a bespoke workflow that suits your business exactly.

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Warehouse Connect – Warehouse Management Solutions

Expand the potential of your warehouse through Warehouse Connect, Vardells top-of-the-line warehouse management system (WMS). This system works seamlessly with EPOS Connect and Retail Connect and can be integrated to work with your system as well.


Warehouse Connect


EPOS Connect – POS Solutions

EPOS Connect is designed to help you make the most of your sales environments, allowing for quick and effective payment processing, while allowing you to view figures and inventory behind the scenes. It works effectively with Warehouse and Retail connect, and can also be integrated to work with any ERP or eCommerce system you already have in place.

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Vardells Hardware Solutions

Hardware is vital to any retail or warehouse operations, helping you connect the dots between inventory and software. Vardells offers hardware like scanners and stock guns, biometric scanning systems, kiosks and self-service terminals, and more.

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