Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory management solutions and systems play an essential part in any warehouse, especially in the industrial and retail sectors, where not enough stock, or too much, can cause significant financial damage.


Retail Connect is Vardell’s solution to inventory management, offering you the ability to make rapid changes to your inventory through an easy-to-use and functional Retail Management System (RMS).


What is an Inventory Management Solution?

Effective inventory management solutions offer you absolute control of your inventory from any location, helping you to forecast much more efficiently, streamline tasks, and manage reordering. Your entire supply chain is available to you through these solutions, so you can understand where your stock is at any given time.

What benefits do inventory management solutions offer?

Inventory management solutions are a vital piece of the puzzle for any retail business, providing a host of benefits such as:

  • Easy stock checks and stock takes
  • Stock transfers and adjustments
  • Stock write-offs
  • A wide variety of inventory information makes forecasting easier
  • Full visibility of stock as it moves around your business as well as across the supply chain

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What issues do people run into without effective inventory management solutions?

Acquiring an effective inventory and ordering system is very important to growing businesses, reducing mistakes made by human error which could be costly. Here are some issues you may run into:

  • Stock mismanagement – Without proper oversight of your inventory, it is much easier to mismanage stock. This could effectively see too much or too little stock ordered, or even stock lost in the warehouse.
  • Forecasting without all the information – Forecasting effectively is very important for large retail businesses that see a lot of stock movement on a daily basis. If your current inventory management system does not allow you to forecast properly, you may miss opportunities to save or make money.
  • Supply chain mismanagement – If you don’t know where your stock is in the supply chain at a glance, you risk overordering, underordering, or even ordering too late. This can make life difficult for your warehouse, and potentially fray relations with suppliers. 

Implement effective and efficient inventory management and ordering software today – Retail Connect

Retail Connect is Vardell’s state-of-the-art inventory management and ordering software, offering a real-time view of your entire inventory through a system that integrates seamlessly with your own.

It is designed from the ground up to be accessible and customisable, allowing you unlimited access to your inventory so you can make quick decisions on forecasting and ordering, without interrupting your workflow.

Barcode scanning is a large part of this solution, logging the movement of goods quickly and accurately, from goods received, to stock checks, transfers, and supplier returns.

Retail Connect is also a web-based solution, so you can access your inventory from any location. This is particularly useful when you have multiple stores or warehouses and need to perform stock takes and checks, and make swift decisions on transfers.

If you need more mobility with your system, it can be integrated with iOS and Apple apps, so you can make effective changes to your stock when away from the desk.

You can view our blog pages to learn more about Retail Connect today. We also offer a guide on finding the best warehouse management systems, to help you make that informed decision.

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Vardells offers a host of services to its clients, including the full integration of software. This allows you to take Vardell’s solutions like Retail Connect, and bring them into your own ERP and eCommerce platforms. Streamlining your processes through integration is a fantastic way to introduce your team to the new system while offering the full potential of your current offerings. For more information on integrations, view our Services page or reach out to the Vardells team today.

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Why choose Vardells for inventory management?

Vardells are the experts in retail, POS and warehouse solutions, having worked with businesses for over 30 years to help them streamline their workflows and improve efficiency. Our solutions are modern and highly accessible, so you can start using them with only basic training. We offer a modular support system too, so you can continue to expand your solutions as your business continues to grow.

For more on Vardells, view our About Us page, or get in touch with our expert team, we are ready to discuss solutions for your business.

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Warehouse Connect – Our Warehouse Management Solution

The warehouse is the heart of any retail business, allowing for the effective movement of stock between locations. Through Warehouse Connect, you can streamline and create efficient new workflows throughout your warehouses, which can help you make the most of your warehouse crews and affect change through new workflows and processes. This system also connects seamlessly with our EPOS Connect and Retail Connect solutions, and can be integrated into your existing system.

Warehouse Connect


EPOS Connect – Our Point of Sale Solutions

Make the best use of your retail environments by opting for Vardells POS solution – EPOS Connect, today. Our solution offers quick payment processing and easy stock analysis so your teams can work effectively. EPOS Connect is also designed to integrate with your existing solutions, alongside Warehouse Connect and Retail Connect, helping you to expand the potential of your business.

EPOS Connect

Hardware solutions for your warehouse

Vardell’s systems use the latest hardware to help you stay in control of your inventory. They utilise scanners and stock guns, self-service terminals, mobile POS and more to help you improve efficiency in the warehouse and in retail environments.

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