Warehouse Management Solutions

Vardells Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides a real time, integrated barcode solution, designed to streamline all warehouse operations to ensure your logistics operation delivers on-time, every time. Our aim is to provide a WMS that automates as many processes as possible to deliver maximum efficiency and ensure your business maintains the competitive edge.

Vardells WMS Systems works in real-time using handheld wireless barcode scanning terminals to drive the warehouse operation. The warehouse operators are guided through all warehouse processes via the display on the device. The operator simply follows the instructions on the terminal to put away, count stock, scan to pick & pack through to despatch. The software and equipment is intuitive and easy to use, meaning quick and efficient operators with minimal training and knowledge of the products and the warehouse layout.

Vardells WMS is GS1 compliant and can also handle “complex barcodes” which contain multiple data, e.g. SKU, Batch, Expiry Dates etc. This means one scan instead of many, thereby speeding up the transactions in the warehouse even further.

Barcode Examples

  • GS1 barcodes
  • Complex barcodes
  • ITF14 Carton barcodes
  • Pallet ID barcodes
  • 2D barcodes

Order Management / Pick & Pack

Order Management is essential to a successful warehouse. Orders pending, orders to be picked and shipped are all shown on a single Order Management screen providing all the information you need in real-time.

Picker graphic

Vardells WMS enables you to Plan, Release and Monitor the progress of every order in the warehouse through to pick, pack & despatch. Using the order management function, you can group and release orders to make the most of your resources, prioritise the work and ensure optimum efficiency.
Order picking is automated using Order Management software and the handheld Wi-Fi terminals. Vardells WMS guides the picker to the correct location to pick the product lines for the order. Products are scanned when picked and validated against the sales order or shipment. This effectively eliminates incorrectly picked items and ensures the customer receives an accurately picked order.

Stock control is maintained live so that pickers are not directed to empty locations. Pick faces are monitored by a sophisticated replenishment system, that ensures stock is delivered to the pick face efficiently. In the rare event of a pick face being out of stock, a Supervisor can intervene to authorise the picker to continue onto the next product. Once the pick walk has been completed, the picker is redirected to the missed pick which by then, will have been replenished

Picking is further organised by considering vehicle loading. Where multiple drops are carried by a vehicle, it is important to reduce problems for the vehicle loaders, by marshalling all the pallets for the last drop before starting on the previous drop and so forth. The pick note scheduler therefore works on completing a load/drop for a vehicle, before releasing other pick notes for that vehicle. This means that several loads for a number of vehicles are being picked concurrently.

Key benefits of the Vardells Warehouse Management Solution

  • Faster guided picking
  • 100% accuracy through validation scanning
  • Provides best picking route to minimise pick duration
  • Orders automated in sequence for optimum efficiency
  • Full performance reports on every picking transaction/order
  • Save time automating the printing of despatch documentation
  • Integrate with courier software for full traceability
  • Pick by customer or by groups



Goods Receiving

Vardells WMS provides a real-time solution for the receipt of goods into the warehouse against Purchase Orders (PO) The receiving process automates, validates and speeds up the receipt of goods against purchase orders.

Vardells WMS process can guide the user to the correct location to put away stock. Depending on your warehouse configuration and product strategy this could be direct to the pickface if empty or below a set minimum level, or another location. This ensures that stock is always optimally located ready for efficient order picking.

The key to the operation is the replenishment process. The replenishment program runs simultaneously every 3 to 5 minutes, this is controlled by the Stock Manager. It calculates the stock currently in the pick faces, and based on a threshold decides how many pallets are required for the pick face. A single product pick face can have as many locations next to each other as required. The first pallet for a pick face is given priority and is marked for immediate replenishment. Additional pallets are marked for normal replenishment.



Key benefits of the Vardells Stock Manager

  • Provides speed and accuracy
  • Validates items and quantities received against PO
  • Record Batch, Serial numbers, Expiry dates at point of receipt
  • Eliminates double handling and goods receiving errors
  • Add barcode at point of receipt (if required)
  • No manual keying of PO receipts
  • Stock can become immediately available for sale



Stock Management

Managing stock in a warehouse requires flexibility, as storage and picking rules are becoming more complex. This depends on the types of products, the customer requirements of how they are to be picked, packed and labelled. Vardells WMS provides a flexible approach to managing stock and customer orders in the warehouse. Stocktaking can be a long and arduous process, often causing much of the warehouse to focus solely on that single task resulting in lost picking time and overtime costs. Vardells WMS utilises barcode technology to make stocktaking a simple, time saving process. Bin locations and products can be scanned using Wi-Fi handheld terminals and the stock levels recorded on the WMS. Vardells WMS works in “real time” always reflecting the exact quantities in the warehouse.



Key benefits of Vardells Stock Management

  • 100% stock accuracy in the warehouse
  • Definable rules specific to each warehouse
  • Report on the location of every product and pallet
  • Reduce time taken for physical stocktakes by 70%


Quality Control Management

Quality control image

Vardells WMS enables the management and quality control status of stock within the warehouse. Problem stock can be quickly and easily isolated by batch, out of date stock, damaged stock, etc. The management of the stock and its QC status can be managed


using Wi-Fi mobile terminals or the Stock Management screen.

If a product is short-dated, the buying department are required to issue a release code for each product they are prepared to accept, otherwise the delivery is refused. Stock in the warehouse can be controlled strictly and conveniently by sell by date. Even products without a specific sell by date can be released in delivery date order. Facilities exist for quarantining pallets where, for instance a product is being recalled.



Key benefits

  • Damaged Goods can be quarantined and excluded from order picking
  • Essential companies to manage traceability and QC history
  • Quickly identify the levels and location of quarantined stock


Works Orders & BOM Management

Vardells WMS allows you to manage top level items and sub-components. This could be a bundled sale item like a kit of parts, e.g. a PC with base unit, mouse, screen and accessories, or a BOM for a manufactured item with ingredients, sub-assemblies and packaging. Vardells WMS software can manage and guide the warehouse worker to pick the correct components for a Works Order to ensure the right elements are delivered to the customer or issued to the manufacturing facility.


HMRC Accredited

The Vardells WMS is fully HMRC accredited software and can also handle product in bond. Meaning a mixture of duty suspended and duty paid products and stock can be handled. The system assumes that duty paid stock is sold first.


A Guide to Selecting the Right Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system, or WMS as it is known, is more than just a stock control or data collection system. Choosing the right system could have a significant impact on your ability to streamline your warehousing operations and save time, effort and manpower. Download our guide to find out more about how to select the right WMS.

This guide covers:

  • The WMS Selection Process
  • Considerations for Buyers When Selecting a WMS
      1. Refining your Picking and Packing Operation
      2. Taking Control of your Stock
      3. Simplifying Order Generation and Delivery
      4. Sell By Date Verification
      5. Stock Replenishment
      6. Picking & Loading
      7. A Customised Approach to Suit your Unique Processes
  • Benefits of a WMS
      1. Faster Inventory Turnover
      2. Better Optimised Warehouse Space
      3. Inventory Paperwork Reduced
      4. Warehouse Personnel Reduced
      5. Enhanced Customer Service
      6. Improved Labour Productivity
      7. Save Money
  • Who are Vardells?
  • How Vardells WMS Operates