Retail Management & EPOS Solutions

Vardells Retail Management solution (RMS) simplifies instore transactions, manages your stock levels and integrates with your existing online platforms. Implemented on premise or in the cloud, Vardells provides retailers with the complete omni-channel view of both their customers and stock. Suitable for both a single outlet to large branch network, Vardells RMS handles all key tasks such as instore planning, stock replenishment, and inventory control across your estate. From a powerful feature rich EPoS solution through to head office management and control through access to real-time data, Vardells RMS enables retailers to streamline operations and make better business decisions.

Vardells retail Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) provides live stock data and fast transaction throughput, even at the busiest times, the functionality and flexibility of a Vardells system gives you all you need to deliver great customer service.

Using the latest touch screens hardware, Vardells Retail Management Solution is intuitive, customisable and easy to use. Navigation style menus and functions are simple to access and you can increase productivity with frequently used functions, on screen prompts and workflows to simplify staff training. Every element is designed to provide flexibility, accuracy and speed.

The EPOS system provides full support for PCI compliant Chip & PIN & contactless payment, hot key functionality and live product look up ensuring speed of transaction at the till.

Discounts, returns, promotions and customer orders are straightforward to manage and customer data capture is fast and accurate. If you want e-gift cards or loyalty rewards, these are easily integrated.

Security too is important and Vardells Retail EPOS provides robust features to reduce theft and fraud with access control, tracking and authorisation levels for different staff grades.

Ecommerce integration provides you with a seamless customer experience in store and online. Customers can browse and reserve, click and collect, purchase and return, all cross-channel. In the same way they can redeem coupons and gift vouchers and collect and spend loyalty points wherever they go.

A service oriented architecture and intelligent communication, means real-time access to the data you need including sales performance, stock information, loyalty systems and customer data, with a continuous up-to-date view of all stores across your estate. A full offline mode ensures continuity of trading even if stores experience network interruptions.

Basic functionality of Vardells Retail Management Solution:

  • Elegant touchscreen
  • Configurable interface
  • External pricelist integration
  • Automated margin calculation
  • Intelligent and predictive replenishment
  • Promotion and loyalty schemes
  • Activity trigger for CCTV
  • PCI compliance
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Online integration i.e Click and collect


Stock Control

Vardells understand how important robust stock control is to our clients to reduce and improve cashflow and maximise sales. From goods in, to branch sales, to customer returns is crucial.

To avoid mistakes requires an integrated real-time view of your entire inventory, across all your channels, your warehouse, even goods in-transit.

Vardells Retail Management Solution enables sophisticated stock control and real-time data so you can improve forecasting and buying decisions. Having a live view of sales and stock, allow intelligent stock replenishment to take place. based upon products that have been sold, how fast and at what location.


Using Vardells mobile barcode scanner is the most accurate way to quickly log goods received, carry out stock checks, and manage branch and warehouse transfers, as well as supplier and customer returns. The result is full visibility and tight control of stock as it moves around your business.

“Accurate forecasting allows us to maximise returns by increasing production, allocating stock to the stores selling lines most quickly, enabling branches to make better use of time and space.


Key functionality of Vardells Retail Management Solution:

  • Goods in
  • Barcode scanning
  • Barcode creation
  • Branch transfers
  • Stocktaking by supplier, category, all items
  • Tracking of in-transit stock


Head Office Control

Vardells RMS is a complete retail management and EPOS solution with everything you need to run and manage a successful multi-channel business.
Head Office functionality covers all core processes, with centralised control and full multi-channel integration. It means you have instant access to real time data from across your network. Sophisticated reporting on product lines, stock, sales, customers, profitability and turnover – down to any level of detail – will help drive better decisions.
Vardells will improve how you manage inventory and product mix across your network, optimise stock and streamline buying. You can drill down and analyse to individual store and SKU. Design and manage effective promotions across all your channels, and manage loyalty rewards and customer retention.


Data integration graphic


Data Integration

Getting data in and out of your retail system, quickly and accurately, is a key requirement for any business. This might be to update or modify item data, set new pricing, export items and stock levels, or load new product files. These can be time consuming and laborious especially if you are keying information manually, or need IT support to extract the data you need.
Vardells provides a set of user friendly built in tools to import, export and modify bulk data in the RMS using files rather than manual data entry. It’s designed to save you time and improve accuracy, and you can even set recurring tasks to run automatically to further streamline processes and productivity.
Data accuracy is crucial and Vardells wouldn’t be complete without extensive data validation with data ‘pre-checking’ to flag and highlight issues, enabling you to quickly target and correct errors before data loading can proceed.


Key features of Vardells Retail Management solution:

  • Read from XLSX, XLS, CSV or text files
  • Extensive validation processes prior to importing data
  • Easy to use
  • Saves repetitive keying of data and improves accuracy


Mobile Ordering and Reporting (coming soon)


Vardells – Retail Sectors

  • Convenience
  • Fashion & Footwear
  • Health & Beauty
  • Speciality & Luxury
  • Department Stores
  • Furnishing & Homewear
  • Toys & Games
  • DIY & Electrical
  • IT & Telecoms
  • Museums & Galleries
  • Public Sector & Universities
  • Butchers & Farm Shops