(Warehouse Management)

V-Store – A highly efficient Warehouse Management System

Improve operational efficiency with Vardells comprehensive warehouse management solution.  The system manages the complete Warehouse Operation from goods in through put away, rack allocation to picking.  With the added function for stock checking, this inclusive solution will help your business save time and increase productivity.

  • Key Benefits

    Faster inventory turnover – by limiting inventory movement and improving record accuracy, V-Store can help to reduce lead times, reducing the need for safety stock. 

    Better optimised warehouse space – by more efficiently locating items in relation to sell-by date, receiving assembly, packing and shipping points, inventory holding costs can be lowered.

    Inventory paperwork reduced – reports, pick tickets, move tickets and packing lists can all be maintained electronically.

    Warehouse personnel reduced – by using V-Store to standardise inventory movements, picking methods and inventory locations, error rates are also lowered and training costs reduced.

    Enhanced customer service – by streamlining processes from order to delivery, product availability can be more accurately determined giving more realistic delivery dates.

    Improved labour productivity – V-Store helps optimise stock flow by utilising an automated replenishment system to top up pick face stock.  Scanned picks provide a seamless link back into the software and then onto the invoice or transfer note.