Warehouse Integration Software Services

When choosing your new WMS, RMS or POS solutions, it can be vitally important to find the correct warehouse integration software services to help ease the transition and make sure your new software meets your current ERP and eCommerce systems as seamlessly as possible.

Enter Vardells integration specialists. Each member of our team is well-versed in integrating everything from EPOS and order management systems to inventory management systems for the warehouse. This means that any system you use can be integrated with our own, helping you to make the most of your team without expensive retraining.

What is Warehouse Integration Software?

Warehouse integration software is invaluable to companies who wish to begin the process of merging their warehouse software system with two or more other software systems, to encourage the smooth transfer of data. 

With Vardells, this involves combining our Warehouse Connect system, with core financial ERP and eCommerce systems to allow all users to utilise the data delivered.

Depending on client requirements, the data provided through this integration can be mono-directional (for instance, data moving in one direction from a warehouse stock management system to an eCommerce system), or bidirectional (where the data flows both ways).

Integrating Retail and POS Software

Integrating Vardells Retail Connect and EPOS Connect systems with your own ERP and eCommerce systems is also achievable, and highly recommended. Following this route allows for the mono and bidirectional transfer of data from order management systems and other EPOS systems directly into your ERP and eCommerce systems.

What benefits does integration provide?

Integration can be greatly beneficial to businesses, especially those that utilise inventory management systems for warehouses or require online ordering and inventory systems to communicate with their offline systems. Benefits include:


  • Easy reporting – Vardells clients can enjoy a range of reporting methods introduced through the combining of multiple data sources.
  • No expensive re-training – Integrating two or more systems means that you can continue to use your initial software, and only need initial training to make the most of Vardells systems.
  • Reduced human error – The multi-directional flow of data can be incredibly helpful in reducing human error, by allowing order and stock management to be handled at multiple points.
  • Increased efficiency – Combining warehouse data with ERP and eCommerce data allows you to view everything you need without having to reach out to colleagues at other locations to provide updates.


Integrating with Vardells systems can also create new opportunities to bring your current systems online. This can help your teams review vital information from any location, helping them to make quick decisions.

Vardells also specialises in iOS and Android app integration also. This allows your business information to flow over multiple mediums, offering a much greater understanding of the data, and allows issues to be picked up before they can cause any issues down the line.

If you would like to discuss integration today, whether it’s introducing data from your warehouse order management system, or introducing business apps to your wider workflow, reach out to our team of experts today.

Our other Warehouse Services

Vardells offers a range of other services to enhance and work in tandem with your integration, helping you to make the most of your new solutions.

Expand your infrastructure

Having the right infrastructure for your business is vital. With the right support, a solid infrastructure allows you to make the most of your warehouse and every piece of software that links to it. It also allows you to effectively manage the security of your business data and your customer data, by offering both cloud and on-site server solutions. To learn more about how Vardells can expand your infrastructure through Microsoft’s powerful Azure hosting platform, get in touch with our team today.

Infrastructure Management

Software Support when you need it

The Vardells team are highly skilled and ready to provide you with software support when your business needs it. We build entirely to your requirements, so you’re getting the software you need with no unnecessary extras. We also put a focus on scalability and security, so your integrations and infrastructures are ready to grow as you do. View our Software Support page, if you would like to read more.

Software Support

Enhanced Support Services

If you need help with any solution, the Vardells team is on hand to provide support. You can reach us through a range of options including email, telephone, and our Helpdesk Portal. Each option rapidly gets you in touch with the team member that you need to speak to, where remote assistance and advice can be given. You can also log incidents through the Helpdesk Portal, which allows your business and our team to record and resolve issues, as well as identify patterns. View our Support Services page today to learn more about how our team can help you.

Support Services

Request a Demo

Understanding how integrating solutions can benefit your business may be tricky when you don’t have any way to test or see how it has performed previously. This is why Vardells offers a free demo request service, that allows you to see just how our solutions operate, and also how they might operate with your own ERP and eCommerce systems. Book a demo today or get in touch with our team for more information.

Book a Demo

Reach out for a quote

Ready to take the leap into warehouse integration software? Or any other integration solution? Get in touch with our team today, and request a no-obligation quotation today.

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Learn more about integration

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