Wholesale Order Management 

Wholesale order management is a highly sought-after skill, with years of experience needed to successfully manage wholesale and distribution in the warehouse. Even the best warehouse managers would struggle, though, if their data is inaccurate or disconnected from the wider business.

Wholesale Order Management solutions for your warehouse

Vardells Warehouse Connect and Retail Connect solutions can help you take your wholesale warehouse management to the next level. Each solution is designed from the ground up to be intuitive and accessible, so you’re spending more time getting the work done and less time getting to grips with a new system. 

Throughout the warehouse, our Warehouse Connect wholesale inventory software can help you keep track of your stock through a barcode scanning system. This system, which our teams will aid you in implementing, uses Vardells hardware to track stock with ease, allowing for processes to be enhanced and automation to be introduced.

Retail Connect allows for wholesale inventory management at a store level. This means you can access each of your premises’ data across your entire chain and organise stock movement all from a single location. You can also make changes to your wholesale product prices on the go, so you can adapt pricing to specific stores and areas.


Wholesale order management features

Our solutions for managing wholesale warehouses and outlets are completely modular, so you can pick the features that work best for your business.


Wholesale Inventory software:

Having effective wholesale inventory software is vital to running a warehouse, and a business, well. Our Retail Connect solution allows you to easily monitor your wholesale outlets, providing real-time stock data with which you can easily perform:

  • Stock checks/takes
  • Transfers
  • Adjustments
  • Write-offs


Reports & Analytics:

Your wholesale management software must be able to report and analyse on sales and stock movements, or you will struggle to gauge the success of your business. 

Vardells Retail Connect system offers a range of reporting and analytics measures for your warehouse teams and office staff to make informed decisions from. Through enhanced reporting you will be able to:

  • Provide straightforward visual presentations of performance measurements
  • Identify and correct negative trends
  • Measure efficiencies and inefficiencies
  • Generate detailed reports showing new trends
  • Offer informed decisions
  • Align strategies and organisational goals


Products & Pricing:

Pricing products by groups and branches is an effective way to maximise your income from certain areas or make sure stock is sold in others. 

Vardells Retail Connect system makes it easy for branch and group pricing to be assigned, with detailed reports available for each location to measure success:

  • Branch pricing
  • Group pricing
  • Reporting


Forecast & Demand Planning:

Forecasting can be incredibly difficult for wholesale businesses, as the large quantities of stock that you need to purchase also need to be sold in good time, so you aren’t over capacity in your warehouses. 

Through Vardells solutions, predictions are reliable, through year-on-year and month-on-month trends, so you can understand when the best time to purchase and sell a stock is.

Sourcing & Purchasing: 

Sourcing and purchasing need to be straightforward. Through Vardells systems, you have access to every supplier from one screen, so you can quickly review the best place to source your products with the latest prices. Purchasing is just as easy, with purchasing information quickly accessible and collected through real-time information updates.

Allocation & Replenishment: 

Review your wholesale outlets with ease through Retail Connect. Vardells solution allows you to see all of your branches from its online portal, so you can make decisions on stock allocation and replenishment without lengthy conversations with teams on-site.

Wholesale Warehouse Management

Wholesale businesses naturally require a lot of warehouse space to manage and store the large and varied levels of stock that are purchased. Vardells Warehouse Connect is the ultimate wholesale warehouse management solution, offering powerful new workflows through automation and cutting-edge hardware, avoiding human error and helping your teams to quickly manage stock location and movement.

Vitally, Warehouse Connect also helps warehouse managers further by offering a useful picking notes scheduler. This allows you to manage pallet space effectively, and keep track of delivery loads and drops to make delivery as efficient and cost-effective as possible.


Each of the Vardells solutions can be fully integrated into your business. That means you can spend less time training teams on new software, as crucial data is shared with your already existing ERP, eCommerce and accounting systems. 

Each of the Vardells solutions – Warehouse Connect, Retail Connect and EPOS Connect – can also be fully integrated with each other. This allows for the mass sharing of data throughout the business, so your teams understand how your wholesale outlets and warehouse is performing, and make informed decisions to maintain and improve it.

If you would like to learn more about Vardells integration, get in touch with our team today, or view our integration page.


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Benefits of Vardells solutions to your management

Managing Director

Managing Directors are required to make quick decisions with both teams and the business as a whole. They also need to ensure that each decision makes the work they and their teams produce more efficient and effective, so their wholesale business can continue to thrive.

Retail Connect and Warehouse Connect are perfect for Managing Directors within the wholesale industry:

  • Reporting is straightforward and intuitive, so no time is wasted trying to parse unhelpful information.
  • Teams will be able to easily use Warehouse Connect and Retail Connect thanks to their highly accessible interface, so Managing Directors won’t have to worry about expensive retraining.
  • The business performance of each location is easy to monitor from the Retail Connect online portal and allows you and other senior managers to set customisable KPIs, which you can track and monitor.
  • Full audit trails are available through a deep auditing process, so you can find the inefficiencies in your workflow and begin working on solutions.

Operations Director

Managing wholesale stock operations is a great challenge, but can be more so if your management systems don’t function in real-time, or make it difficult to properly forecast.

Our systems are fully equipped to resolve these problems and more, so as Operations Director you can make effective decisions for the future of your wholesale business:

  • Real-time stock updates across all stores and warehouses mean those decisions you make are based on real-time and completely accurate stock information.
  • Through barcode scanning, you can improve efficiencies in your teams by removing the need to rekey vast quantities of data where it isn’t needed. All stock information is stored within the barcode, so even team members within your shopfronts can quickly assess where stock needs to be placed.
  • Forecast effectively through year-to-year and month-to-month reporting and analysis, while also keeping track of suppliers from a single, intuitive space.
  • Our software teams are on hand to help increase the reach of the business, allowing for integrations with eCommerce stores like Amazon.
  • Warehouse Connect and Retail Connect can be updated and upgraded as your business demands, so you aren’t bogged down by bloated software that doesn’t meet your current needs.

Finance Manager 

Finance Managers must be able to keep track of expenses, and ensure that payments and invoices are up-to-date. They may also be required to quickly understand the status of an order, so they can report back to customers and request payment. 

Without a strong integration between accounting software and retail management systems though, Finance Managers may spend more time inputting the same information twice, instead of chasing payments.

Finance Managers and their needs are accounted for with Vardells Retail Connect and Warehouse Connect solutions, alongside Integration services.

  • Processes are automated so outgoings from stores and eCommerce are tracked and input into accounting software programs automatically.
  • Monitoring of invoices and orders is easier than ever with integration, so you can contact customers and other buyers safe in the knowledge that their order has been despatched or is in progress.
  • Move money around to different stores with ease, so each store and its expenses are fully accounted for.

Warehouse Manager

Teams need to work efficiently in the warehouse, and this is especially true with wholesale warehouses that handle vast quantities of stock, which require different SKUs and varying product information. This makes the job of the Warehouse Manager vitally important, as they need to ensure that suitable space is available for each product and that warehouse operators know where each piece of stock should be stored.

Warehouse Connect’s wholesale inventory management software works together seamlessly with Retail Connect to help Warehouse Managers organise stock and operators effectively:

  • Warehouse Managers can see each piece item in their inventory from a single space. Through the barcodes on each piece of stock, Warehouse Managers can rest assured that each item is properly accounted for.
  • Stock arrivals and shipping can be managed easily through the picking notes function, so you can make cost-effective decisions around deliveries.
  • Low stock alert functions come as part of the Warehouse Connect package, warning you of low stock with the potential functionality of automated replenishment.
  • Courier integration, so you can select the best courier for each delivery.
  • See allocated stock or held stock across the business, so you can make informed decisions on where new stock might need to go.
  • Portable Wi-Fi terminals and other pieces of hardware allow warehouse operators to follow simple guidelines, taking them from stock delivery to location. This functionality is incredibly useful in large warehouses.


Sales and Marketing Manager

Outdated systems can make organising promotions and discounts very difficult for Sales and Marketing Managers. That is why state-of-the-art, data-driven solutions like Retail Connect can be so essential, as they allow data sharing between stores, headquarters and warehouses, so Marketing Teams can see what stock needs a promotion applied to it.

Users of Retail Connect may also enjoy the ability to:

  • Review and manage sales and marketing data from across all stores from a single online portal.
  • Reduce human error by adding layers of security to promotions and promotional prices, so they must be confirmed through a senior team member.
  • If combined with EPOS Connect, Sales and Marketing Managers will be able to apply time-limited offers, bundle vouchers, discounts, and more to their products.
  • Retail Connect allows the use of loyalty cards and point integration, which is helpful both for saving customers money and identifying that they are a member of retail outlets.
  • Offer refunds and handle feedback with ease, as well as keep track and manage each wholesale order, so you are never caught by surprise.


Store Manager

Wholesale Store Managers also need access to a wide range of data or could potentially miss important promotions, or combat unexpected deliveries. Managing footfall can also be a challenge, where outdated systems don’t allow customers to easily find and quickly purchase products.

Store Managers across the UK use Vardells Retail Connect and EPOS Connect systems to help them manage their outlets:

  • Increase the speed at which customers can check out, through EPOS Connect and the accompanying hardware. This hardware provides customers with all the modern methods of paying, so they can buy what they need in an instant.
  • Store Managers using EPOS Connect and Retail Connect will be notified of which promotions are available, and apply them accordingly.
  • Stock counts are available through Retail Connect, and as such, Store Managers can request stock if required. This is ideal for a stock item that is moving faster than expected.
  • Click and Collect could be applied to your wholesale outlet, further speeding up the customer journey, and opening your store up to a wider customer base.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is wholesale order management?

Wholesale order management is the process and management of order fulfilment in the wholesale sector, whether it be B2B, or B2C in wholesale outlets. This process often involves not only accepting orders but also updating inventory, tracking production lines and delivery.

How do you keep track of wholesale inventory?

Keeping track of a wholesale inventory can be very difficult, but business owners should look to:

  • Automate as much as possible, avoid manual stock checking
  • Cycle count and keep track of it
  • Minimise on-hand inventory as much as possible
  • Create ‘reorder points’ that you and your team maintain
  • Make sure your warehouse has an optimised layout
  • Use modern hardware and implement barcode scanning
  • Integrate a WMS solution into your warehouse


What is wholesale inventory management?

Wholesale inventory management is the process of keeping track of all inventory data, both current and historical and utilising that data to forecast future demand and plan procurement. Businesses frequently use warehouse management systems to help track inventory data, which allows for easier reporting and analysis.


What’s the difference between wholesale and warehouse?

The warehouse is the location where wholesale goods are stored before they are shipped out to different locations. These locations could be other businesses or vendors, or wholesale stores and outlets.


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