Manufacturing Order Management Software

The manufacturing industry is ever-changing and constantly challenging, so making sure you have the best possible order management software is vital.

Manufacturing and purchase order management software built with you in mind

Vardells Warehouse Management System, Warehouse Connect, is designed to help you improve your warehouse workflows and manage manufacturing orders with ease. It is purpose-built to work alongside Vardells hardware and barcode system, which will help you automate your business processes.

Vardells accessible and intuitive systems not only allow you to keep track of your purchase and work order management, but it allows users to have full oversight over stock, stock movement, and stock locations. This means you can spend more time improving workflows and fulfilling orders, and less time struggling with inefficiencies and human error.


Warehouse Connect was built with manufacturing industry warehouse operatives in mind and has a wide range of features to help you make the best possible decision for your warehouse.

Picking Notes Scheduler

Utilise the Picking Note scheduler to keep on top of pallet marshalling, and make sure that delivery loads and drops use space and weight as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Purchase Order Management:

Being able to easily manage purchase orders is key to running a successful warehouse, and as such, Vardells Purchase Order Management module comes with a range of features to help you keep on top of any purchase orders created by you and your team, and act on them as and when you need to. This module allows you to:

  • View all Purchase Orders from a single screen, with all the relevant information readily available.
  • Group and release orders to make the most of your resources, and prioritise workloads.
  • Point pickers to the correct location to pick the product for the order, through Vardells handheld Wi-Fi terminals. This effectively removes the risk of incorrectly picking items.
  • Monitor stock levels and when needed direct pickers to new locations when designated products need replenishment.


Barcode Management for production and manufacture:

When you implement Warehouse Connect into your operations, barcode and pallet labelling systems will be introduced to help you streamline and automate your workflows. This helps you to:

  • Manage stock clearly and easily through Vardells hardware.
  • Update locations to account for stock movement.
  • Account for the movement of raw materials and other goods as they go back and forth during a production run.


HMRC Approved:

Vardells Warehouse Connect system is fully HMRC accredited, and as such is highly trusted throughout the manufacturing industry:

Warehouse Connect can handle products in bond, which means a mixture of duty-suspended and duty-paid products and stock can be handled within its system.

Our solution is fully compliant with Customs & Excise regulations for bonded operations and ensures that the correct duty and VAT are paid to the C&E promptly each month and that C&E have full visibility of how the duty and VAT payments have been calculated.

Vardells is also a United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) accredited company. The UKWA assesses and audits warehousing and logistics services, and our accredited status proves the incredibly high standards that we expect and provide through our solutions.


Integrate your systems

Alongside our powerful solutions, Vardells also offers a bespoke integration service, so you can take your eCommerce and ERP systems currently in use, and combine them with our own software.

Taking advantage of system integration is well worthwhile, as it allows for the ultimate streamlining of your operations, which in turn helps you to create new and more efficient workflows for your team. If you’d like to discuss Warehouse Connect integration, reach out to our team today.


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Benefits to different job roles

Managing Director

Ineffective and inefficient workflows can lead to frustrations that Managing Directors are all too aware of. That’s why it’s vitally important that they have a warehouse that runs smoothly, with processes that remove the risk of human error.

Warehouse Connect is designed to allow Managing Directors a clear and simple view of warehouse operations, helping them by:

  • Providing a straightforward overview of purchase orders, stock movements and more.
  • Allowing for automated workflows that improve efficiencies throughout the warehouse.
  • Offering stock reports to ensure replenishment is maintained.

Operations Director

In manufacturing, having a good idea of stock coming in and going out is vital to making sure your warehouse runs smoothly. Vardells systems do that and more. By targeting the needs of Operations Directors, Warehouse Connect helps to keep you connected to the greater warehouse, giving you an even greater scope for forecasting.

Vardells’ warehouse management software and hardware is designed to help Operations Directors through the following:

  • Real-time stock updates through a barcode and scanner system. This helps to ensure that stock remains as accurate as possible.
  • Full oversight of stock levels also provides for improved forecasting.
  • Remove the need to re-input data through automated processes.

Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Connect is the ultimate tool for warehouse managers, allowing them to effectively run their warehouse and warehouse teams. Warehouse workflows can be gradually updated as Warehouse Connect implementation occurs, so teams can begin working quickly and with fewer errors.

Other features include:

  • Complete overview of stock throughout the warehouse, through a single, intuitive screen.
  • Rapid and simple stocktakes made using barcode and scanners help warehouse managers keep on top of inbound stock.
  • Easy to track production and manufacturing, so you always know what part of the process your product is at.
  • Stock locations and designation are incredibly straightforward, so your teams old and new can find what they need when they need it
  • Vardells manufacturing work order and purchase order software allows for easy tracking of orders at any point from a single location
  • Pallet designation and vehicle loads/drops can be scheduled effectively

Sales and Marketing Manager

Having a strong warehouse is vitally important for Sales and Marketing Managers, who will be able to utilise the data provided through the Vardells interface to make informed decisions on products that should be put up for promotion. 

Sales and Marketing Managers will also benefit greatly from the introduction of our retail management system, Retail Connect, which when combined with Warehouse Connect can offer a huge range of features:

  • Warehouse Connect can show at a glance which products are high in stock or need moving quickly. This allows for the quick and easy implementation of promotions.
  • Team members can be given access to the full range of data based on security levels, so promotions can always be checked and approved before going live.
  • Manage orders through Retail Connect with an understanding of where that order sits in the production line. This allows for stronger communication with customers and clients


What are OMS tools?

OMS (Order Management Systems) are computer systems that allow users to track sales, orders, inventory and fulfilment. These systems, when combined with hardware, allow for automation that can improve efficiencies across your warehouse and other departments.

Order Management Systems can also help you monitor your suppliers and processes, which can be especially helpful in manufacturing, where sudden price shifts or delays can make a big difference.


What is order management in manufacturing?

Order management in manufacturing is very similar to order management in other industries, in that it is essentially a way to manage the progress of a particular order from start to finish, or from when the order is taken to when it is fulfilled.

In manufacturing, this may look slightly different, as on top of knowing how and when the product will be delivered, you will also want to know at what stage the product is at, in the product line. Using Vardells warehouse management systems, you can manage your order from placement to production line, then onto picking, pallet marshalling and delivery.


How much is OMS software?

Get in touch with our team today to discuss the costs of implementing Vardells OMS software into your warehouse and other departments. Our team can also arrange a demonstration as well, so you can see how Vardells powerful solutions can help you.

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What is the difference between OMS and ERP?

Order Management Systems (OMS) are built specifically for tracking orders from start to finish, so you have a good idea of when that order will arrive and depart. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is designed for a much broader range of applications, offering a top-level view of elements like HR, accounting, and supply chains.


What other solutions are available from Vardells?

Vardells offer a host of solutions that can help you improve workflows throughout your business, whether it be in manufacturing, retail, wholesale or ecommerce.

To learn more about the power of Warehouse Connect, read our blogs on Warehouse Management Systems: The Benefits of Real-Time Data Reporting, and 12 Practical Ways To Improve Warehouse Efficiency & Productivity.

EPOS Connect and Retail Connect are also available to help you meet your needs in the manufacturing industry. To learn more on both, check out our Retail Connect Insight & Vision article, and our 5 Reasons To Integrate An E-Commerce Platform With Your WMS blog to see where these solutions can fit into your processes.


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View our blog on the 7 Benefits of Order Management Software today, and see how our intuitive system can be used to help you manage your work and purchase orders while keeping your warehouse running effectively.

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