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Why Use Vardells ?

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Vardells Retail Solutions are consistent across all purchase points. An experience that fully optimises your conversion rates and that repeatedly brings customers back. An experience that also encourages customer loyalty.


Vardells recognise the diversity of consumer needs in today’s current market and the challenges they create for the Forecourt Retailing sector.


With intensifying competition and expanding customer needs, retaining margins, minimising waste and optimising sales opportunities is of the utmost importance.
Our system combines the convenience, range and availability they want. A knowledge and understanding that is consistent across all outlets. An experience that tempts them back regularly, again and again.

Warehouse Management

Our Warehouse Management I.T solution is for on-line warehouse management that operates as inventory control. The Epos System is based on the unique and individual identification of goods, handling units and warehouse locations by means of barcodes. Bespoke applications can be developed.


Vardells Retail Solutions provides you with affordable Fashion Retail Management and EPOS solutions that will save you time, monitor stock and assist in making business decisions for improving shrinkage. A comprehensive and versatile fashion EPOS solution with many excellent features to manage your entire business. From stock control to detail sales reports all aspects are designed for speed and accuracy, the operation of Vardells Retail Systems is simplicity itself.

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